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Shmeefly’s bug and tweak notes

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To note, this is meant purely as positive feedback to help the devs, the franchise and the rally lovers who play it, just going to bulletpoint all the minor issues I’ve personally found with the game 


Audi Quattro S1 daily doesn’t pop

Upgrading 5 cars doesn’t pop

purchsing all Group A cars doesn’t pop


cant purchase some cars new, having to blow cash on used cars with stats and terminal retirements isn’t something I’m fond of, I like each car I buy to have 0 stats so I can see what I’ve been using, and buying a car with terminal crashes makes me feel like I’m wasting my hard earned cash lol

buying the used Fiat Arbarth had a glitch where repairing the damage from initially buying the car wasn’t cleaning the damage visuals, showing cracked windscreen after each 2nd stage used even if I did a clean stage before hand 

maybe it’s just me but the rear grip on the Renault 5 Turbo just doesn’t feel polished/natural 

quite a strange one this but playing rallycross, on the Hell circuit, the cars turbo whine audio from the cockpit view cuts out on the last sector of the track (the long straight before the last 2 corners) I don’t understand why that is but I’m sure it isn’t supposed to 😅

AI difficulty seriously needs tweaking, I know it’s designed to keep up with you in a sense but i feel like the campaign from the first game had the difficulty nailed, every class was challenging and ballenced perfectly, even on Masters, took me 3 championships to finally win on elite but it never felt like the AI was just pushing away even when I perfected the stages like it does on 2.0, maybe something to dive into and investigate

i know Codemasters are aware of the unnatural grip physics on the tarmac roads, but this one doesn’t bother me too much 

lastly Racenet should be considered to be removed from the campaign, the current issues with racenet have cost me hours of play resetting me back stages that should have saved, and I’ve lost a lot of cash/time as a result, also, I received the message about the gift of funds but they never actually got added to my wallet, it wasn’t until I saw a twitter feed saying it was a nice amount that this bothered me, as it would have come in handy thanks to buying the Evo 7 (5) times to try and get the Group A trophy to unlock 😅



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