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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Car Inaccuracies


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First of all, all R5 cars has got (at least in visuals?) wrong track width, which is given by FIA Regulation and have to be the same 1,665 mm for all cars in R5 category.
But now all of them looks incorrect, the look far less than  1,665 mm.



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Misisng headlights textures. Lot of car has got a wrong transparency settings (the're wrong since Dirt 4)

For example (looks one of the worst mobile game):

And it should look something like this:

Only have to touch "XYZ_lights_d.tga" files (in this example "ev6_lights_d.tga")

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5 minutes ago, CodingRacer said:

Are you Mesa, who gave the name to mesa drivers in Linux? 

You definetly deserve to be a game tester, you pic more issues in 1 hour than the whole influencers/press thingy since Dirt 4.

Thanks. I'm not hte guy who named those drivers for Linux 🙂
You should help devs to improve the game please rate this topic with 5 stars and let keep alive 😉

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The Lancer headlights are actually right, it's just the lighting being applied that makes it look weird, and probably the interior case texture lacking something.

Guess it's lacking some glossy and shiny.

Imagem relacionada


The same is happening to the tail lights. Feels like something's off and it's much probably the lighting to blame. Or simply its material, because due to the lighting model we have way better shadows, overall lighting in the tracks and car reflections are better than ever before. So probably the headlights and tail lights material on the lancer just need a bit of tweaking. I didnt find the Audi ones to be so off.


Either way, this unlikely to ever get retouched in a patch.

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Maybe i'm wrong but Your photo was taken too far...
Here's a closer look and you can see headlight's texture, which seems invisible in this game

I agree on you, some tail lights has got the same trouble with their transparency, you can see through of them more as it should be

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Yeah I see the difference. It's as if it lacks those strings in the glass with the effect. As for the Lancer tail lights, it looks like it's way too glossy like if someone had put nail gloss in it. Either way, this was a direct port from D4 and i doubt this will ever be addressed as it's not prioritary. I think this should be address either way, but to be honest I'm already happy the car is in the game lol.

If you notice, the new car models have more detail overall, including the headlights (like the Audi and the upcoming Skoda Fabia 2005). You can see the difference from those to the Lancer. These materials need to be updated for the ported models.

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His is a very minor thing and doesn't impact gameplay at all, but on one of the custom liveries for the Lancia Fulvia (the black and blue design with the Simpson branding on the bonnet) the numberplate on the back and the front don't match.

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A couple issues with the rear lights on some cars. Not game-breaking by any means, but here they are:

First up, the 997/2:

On the real car, the tail and brake lights use different LED patterns. This trips up many videogame artists, who make both identical.

The real taillights are an open-ended shape



But they change to a closed shape when the brakes are applied, presumably to get that little extra bit of the following driver's attention



The in-game car uses the open-ended shape for both, so the tails are correct and the brakes are wrong, as pictured here



Now moving on to a newcomer, the Fabia WRC:

On the real car, the bottom portion of the lights functions as the tail light and the top portion is for the brakes. Again, having them be different grabs your attention more as a following driver.

On the in-game car, they just made everything red light up for both functions and called it a day.

Real car with tails on, no brakes. Top portion is dark.



Now real car with tails on and brakes applied. Top portion is now lit.



In-game car tails only. Everything is lit.



In-game car, brakes only. Everything is lit.


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Another one--this time spotlights on the Impreza 555. 

The real car used 2 outboard light pods so as not to block the airflow to the intercooler on the top of the engine.



In-game the car uses a standard central light pod.


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CM always use the same 3D model for all of their games. One of my favorite  is the missing rear mudflaps of the Integrale.
Rear mudflaps of the Integrale weren't an option, they were always present all the time!
If they weren't use (tarmac stages for example) they were rolled up and fixed by a leather/rubber stripe.

Now they are missing in Dirt Rally 2.0 They have to be there (rolled up or rolled down, doesn't matter)! I wish to see them rolled down as now behind the front axle

Rear mudflaps in use:
4c.jpg.a5ed6bfd46c9a7bc0840608c478a5c94.jpg 4c.thumb.jpg.74af37eeb6c4dd352e48549c9b3ef91f.jpg

Mudflaps not in use (rolled up):



And a video about Repsol Integrale which is available in Dirt Rally - look Carlos on tarmac: 🙂 sometimes he lost his rear mudflaps with the rear bumper of course !



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Sad news. 😭 I found that Dirt Rally 2.0 doesn't set wheel track by their real physics data.

You can see the same bad wheel tracks in the game that mean the 3D artists **** ip the distance between the wheels, then no way to correct them by a simple data change ( On the other side there is Assetto Corsa where you can set the wheel track by every centimeters on both side and the game will show the results immedietely. )

I hope they just forget to set OFFSET value and can repair the bad look of the cars ... 😉

Desktop Screenshot 2019.03.16 - 01.35.55.jpg

Desktop Screenshot 2019.03.16 - 23.55.56.jpg

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18 hours ago, danielofifi said:

I think the close dashboard camera of the new Skoda Fabia (s2000) is placed too low and the inside of the car covers too much of the view... (I'm on PS4) as a result it's very difficult to drive with this view and it's impossible to adjust it.

Thanks for the tip daniel!

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18 hours ago, Riggs said:

This needs to be overlooked, or at least a statement on why it has be done like this.

You mean this needs to be looked at, not overlooked. To overlook means to not notice. Those wheels need to come out more on those R5s, it really is off-putting.

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38 minutes ago, warpengage said:

You mean this needs to be looked at, not overlooked. To overlook means to not notice. Those wheels need to come out more on those R5s, it really is off-putting.

Sometimes english plays me some tricks 😛

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