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DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally


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Welcome to round one of the DiRT Rally Championship.

This week we are heading to Finland and you have until Midnight on Tuesday 6th to submit your times - all stages must be ran from the Single Player > Time Trail menu and you can use any car within the set class.

The running order is as follows:

Stage 1:
  • Rally
  • Finland
  • Tupasentie
  • Pro

Stage 2:
  • Rally 
  • Finland
  • Hanisjaventie
  • Pro

Stage 3:
  • Trailblazer
  • Finland
  • Paijanne Approach
  • Modern
To submit your times simply post up the following info:
Stage 1 Time:
Stage 2 Time:
Stage 3 Time:

Then include evidence of your time for each stage, this can be in form of a photo or video.

To add a photo simply take a screenshot (F12 on Steam) of the final time screen (as seen below) via your PC or with your camera phone and upload it to somewhere on the internet (I would recommend imgur). 

Then simply add it to your post. Like so.

or if it is easier you can tweet the pic from your twitter account and simply embed the tweet on the forum by copy and pasting the link into your post. (You can add a YouTube video the same way)
Good luck to all our drivers, have fun!

You can only post your results up once.
You can not use mods or hacks. 
You can not edit your post or update your times (doing so will result in disqualification). So only submit once you are happy with them. 
You must provide evidence in either video or photographic form. 
You must load up events from the Time Trial menu only.
You must submit your times by Midnight (UK time) on the 6th May.


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JackWRC said:
Hi @justbiglee‌, me and my friend have entered, however, I can't upload a picture, could I send it to you through twitter or some other social networking site?
if you tweet it just copy and paste the link to the tweet into a post and the forum will do the rest of the work. 
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@JustBigLee what do codemasters intend to do with all the cheat times on the leaderboards ,And do they intend to install any anti-cheat measures in dirt 4 ?, And how do we know if all times are legitimate in dirt 3 (subtle speed hacks and alike) is there any cheat detection algorithms implemented or being tested.

currently running first in competition by quite a margin on times already posted EXCEPT trailblazer which i need to improve drastically (well 3 seconds anyway)
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evanzo7 said:
@justbiglee Whats the deal with teammates/team-members? 
Seeing lots of comments about them but nothing in the original post.
I was thinking that for people who are running in teams with a team mate I was going to run something like a constructors championship as a separate leaderboard.
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I raged at this so much, I have been away from the game for a while and it shows in these time! :(

Here we go anyway! 

Name: Craig M Evans

Team: Isle of Bass Racing

Stage 1 Time: 2:32.533

Stage 2 Time: 2:36.498

Stage 3 Time: 2:47.516

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

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Name: Jack Gibney ( kblock4343 ) Team Name: JackGibneyWRT SS1: 2:28.733 SS2: 2:31.916 SS3: 2:45.215 I'm having trouble adding photos to comments, can someone help me please? :)
There is a button in the menu bar of the post box that is off a little photograph (its next to the link button) just drop the location of the screenshot in there and it should pop up.
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Well, so it's not looking good... I couldn't get anywhere near the times I seem to have set in the past using a previous login. Oh well. But it was fun trying to complete the stages anyways :)  Old PB for stage 1 was 2:24 and for stage 2 it was 2:29 so quite a difference.

Name: MastaVonBlasta

Team: Team VonBlastic

Stage 1 Time: 2:27.560

Stage 2 Time: 2:32.614

Stage 3 Time: 2:42.538

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Name: David Ross Smith
Team: Red Ion Racing
Stage 1 Time: 2:39.173
Stage 2 Time: 2:51.339
Stage 3 Time: 2:57.331

Stage 1 Photo:
Stage 2 Photo:
Stage 3 Photo:

Stage 1 Video: unavailable
Stage 2 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXaRHzKY7Gc

Stage 3 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qjhWKkYI9g
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