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DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally


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hahaha photoshop That is taken straight out of my screenshot folder and uploaded to imgur. And that was my original question without the working image.. I did get that 229.4 but it was done with racing another ghost car and didn't take a screen shot of it. I wish I had now. I have the same issue with other time trials. Two different best times. Throws me off since I try to stay ahead of my personal best ghost to gauge my run time. Platform PC Windows 7 Steam using f12 in game to capture screen.
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Stage One: 2:22.091 https://www.flickr.com/photos/86979316@N07/14127714433/
Stage Two: 2:26.523 https://www.flickr.com/photos/86979316@N07/13921034840/
Stage Three: 2:38.592 https://www.flickr.com/photos/86979316@N07/14104416271/

@North3rnstar I don't know what times you are talking about. Since you have not posted anything yet. So far I am leading now. 

And for the cheats, yes something should be done. 
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Right here is mine, safe to say I won't be winning any prizes. It's weird going back to the old handling, nearly threw my PC out the window on that last stage!!!


Name: justbiglee
Team: JBL Racing
Stage 1 Time: 2:42.406
Stage 2 Time: 2:50.719
Stage 3 Time: 2:53.734 

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Name: StuntmanMike24 (Driver)

Stage 1 Time: 2:21.463
Stage 2 Time: 2:26.093
Stage 3 Time: 2:36.927

Proof Stage 1:

Proof Stage 2:

Proof Stage 3:


I am really sorry that i uploaded 2 different times. I couldn´t read this in the info text. I thought driving in a team would help in a way that everyone can drive is best stage, otherwise it doesn´t makes such a big sense. Anyway, i am the Manager of the Team so i am posting the stuff here. I updated the time so these times are all driven by StuntmanMike24. 
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Name: Cyberoox
Team: Team Cyber
Stage 1 Time: 2:27.647
Stage 2 Time: 2:32.505
Stage 3 Time: 2:41.699




My PB's kept bugging me at the rally stages, why did I drive better before! :/
Right here is mine, safe to say I won't be winning any prizes.
Im sure it doesn't say anything in the rules that you can't give yourself any consolation prize ;)
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Hi guys.

Here are my results.

Name: Avenga76
Team: RPM Racing
Stage 1 Time: 2:31.002
Stage 2 Time: 2:36.023
Stage 3 Time: 2:46.551

Here is a link to my video. I have got my shift lights working in DiRT 3 now so it looks even better now.


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