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DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally


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Vorrtz said:

Just correction:

- AntiMulletRebel has mixed times, they should be in reverse order I guess ;)

- my nick is by double "r" (just for the record)

And question:

How will be standings of teams counted?

We can see that Euronics Gaming and Colorado Rally are represented by one driver while there are teams (like STP) with two drivers. It's always easier to have one-man team because no one slows you down/is faster. It's hard to even consider one player as a team anyway.

Well we are quite a competitive team. So we would like to drive all, but if we get slower than it doesn´t makes sense for us. What i thought was, that as a team you can split the stages on your teammates. So if anyone is fast in a special topic he can drive that. Like we wanted to do. If this is not possible we will only participate with one driver. As far we have StuntmanMike24 which had in the past many WR in DiRT3 but was inactiv a long time. Thats why he doesn´t drive his WR times. On the other hand we have the europe master of Trackmania. But let them both drive would just make us slower.   So rules are rules and we are okay with that. ATM StuntmanMike24 has bad internet. When he will upgrade i am show he will make some videos so you can see the lap and how you have to drive to do this laptime.

best regards

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But you miss my point. I'm not questioning your skill at all. I also really don't mind that you guys decided to have one man in a team. Your call, I have nothing to it. I just mind to see in final standings of teams equally treated teams with 2 people to those "teams" with 1 person. Saying that I would personally eliminate from Team Standings teams with 1 player. People in such teams are already considered in Drivers Standings (which Lee posted above) but they should  not be in Team Standings (if there will be any) because 1 person doesn't make a team. Not sure I made my point clear enough now. 

Of course, it's only my opinion and that's why I asked how is this going to be treated.

Edit: or at leat there should be given a sort of time penalty for a team (when Team Standings would be counted) to those with 1 person teams(to equal the chances) otherwise it's not fair.
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dotmartin said:
Great stuff. I really like the Finnish stages, however trailblazer is not my cup of tea. :) 

Does anybody have any tips on how to improve, I think my problem with it is the lack of pacenotes and the ludacris speed. 
Don't drift, and don't use a keyboard. I use a ps3 controller, but a steering wheel is highly recommended.
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