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how to save the game

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Dear Codemasters !

i just wanted to let you know what i think about Dirt Rally 2.0. Also other players are invited to post their opinions about the game and how to  
save the game from being a flop!

- please rework the tree blending and the heavy rain effect, it looks awful
- what does make a good rally game? Yes, it's countersteering!
  Please tell me why the heck there is NONE of it in the game? Countersteering is everything in a rally game!
- the design of the tracks, what is missing? Yes, it's definitely jumps that are missing. 
  i know there are a few ones but this is not enough
- track degradation? Why is it only visual? There's no impact on the steering. Shame on you, Codemasters, you better put some holes in the track rather than call this track degradation.

I think i will stick to Dirt Rally instead, unfortunately !!!

Please consider changing the tracks and put more altitude changes into the tracks!!!

Good evening!

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In my opinion there are enough jumps. It didn't take much time to unlock the 'Flight School' achievement. Of course, locations like Spain don't have much jumps, if any, but instead they have plenty of elevation changes 😛 Poland is pretty flat, yes, but maybe that's just how the country is? There's one stage at Argentina that has more than 600m elevation change, so I don't know, do you want an elevator into space maybe? 'Fiffftiiiiiiiieee, 4 left caution over crest, tightens to 3 don't cut, then 2 into 1 slow tightens, park your car over there, take elevator extra extra extra extra extra long up to Alpha Centauri'  😎

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- Tree blending I'd suggest looks better than D4. Heavy rain, sure could be better but it's hardly a deal breaker.

- 'Countersteering' is plentiful. Go try the superb H2 RWD or RGT classes. Each drivetrain behaves as it should, better than either DR1 or D4 - RWD steer on the throttle and countersteer, 4WD throw the car in, point it through the corner and rely on the diff to get you out of it, FWD go as deep into the corner as you can and beware the understeer on exit.


- 'Jumps' are finally realistic. Please keep DR1's airborne behaviour well away from this game; it's what broke the immersion in that game and is infinitely improved here. If you're not jumping in Australia, Finland, USA and New Zealand, you're not going fast enough.

- Track degradation does impact the surface I believe. It certainly looks and feels very different running 1st v 150th on the road. Good luck finding an improved version of this back in DR1.

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Tree blending looks allot better than how it did in Dirt 4. Does this issue exist on all countries or just 1 or 2 in particular stand out?

Rain drop effects yea just look awful im hoping this is a placeholder for something better in a patch down the road. Reflections are fantastic although occasionally not truly reflective of the actual weather. (heavy rain yet no water on the ground).

N yea as others have said track degredation does impact according to all official sources aswell as from the streamers i've been watching.

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