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F1 2015 car thread

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I like the fact they've made all the logos either black or white and not used their original colours. That's good. It could be better I think, I really liked a bit of green, and it isn't really 'Indian' this year for that reason!
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That didn't answer my question Mike :p I thought the rules where changed to avoid phallic shaped noses, not to keep them.
The rules have changed but it only reduces the effect. The protrusions will be smaller than they were last year as there the nose must be a certain width by the time it reaches a certain position back from the tip (this point is closer to the tip than it was in last year) and you can't have a tusk structure like the 2014 Lotus had.

But it's been speculated for a while that we'd still get noses like this, the rules did not completely outlaw them. They just shrunk 'em down a bit.
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