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Massive whell spin on the car when using the sterring whell (Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge)

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I really need help. Last christmas i received a thrustmaster ferrari challenge sterring whell, and so I connected it to the PC and start playing F1 2014. At the beggining I didn't had any issue and i played it whell, with any assist on. Yesterday i change the difficulty level from Professional to Expert and i created a new carrer with Williams. The the worse happened and when i started a flying lap after the third to last corner i entered the corner at 4th gear as ussualy did and i lost the back-end of the car and i went to the gravel. Then when i tried to leave the gravel and return to the track the engine started to apply a lot of torque in the back-end of the car and i shifted up the gears and i lost control again.The whells slide all over the place and its just hell. Can someone help me plz I am very sad that I can’t play one of my favourite games…

Waiting for replys,


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I am by no means an expert but I wonder if this will work:
Connect your pad before opening game, open game and erase and restart career once again, race a little so that application registers you are using a pad, close game.  Connect wheel before opening game, open game and play.  Did it make a difference?
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