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Grid2 ranking problem (Steam)

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Game purchased two years ago. All seasons ended in Chronology.
Recently I wanted to compare results with friends, but I do not see my own results on the list of players.

Has anyone encountered such a problem?

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Login to racenet is done correctly. In Steam, I can see my own and friends' results..

Does not help:
- profile change / New game on the same RaceNet account.
- disable synchronization Steam
- disabling the windows10 firewall
- compatibility with WIN 7 or 8
- Steam beta
- change of Internet connection provider
- transferring the game to the system disk
- turning off the anti-virus

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I checked the results again in Chronology. I only see my results in rankings in WSR Season 5.
I have no results in season 1-4. Only friends. Repetition of the route does not show my time. Only the list with friends is shown without my result.
In network mode - Global challenge, my results are displayed.

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