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F1 2014, PC on Windows 7 - Steering wheel issue

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Hi, I have F1 2014, PC on Windows 7. I have an older steering wheel, but it works well. When I try it with e.g joy.cpl its fine. Windows know its and it works. Its logitech formula vibration. I can't get F1 2014 to accept it? I can't find in F1 2014 where i can see what input works. When its in my PC 2014 still only accept keyboard. How can I get F1 2014 to accept a "native" steering wheel ( I know its older ). I see the supported list, but there must be a "compatible" as well. Where can I setup this input?

BR Lars

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Access the options menu from any game mode.

Go to Driving Controls, leave the controller set to joypad. Use keyboard left / right to select joypad if not already selected. Try toggling the Override Device Input Type between wheel and pad.

From there the further options are turning off the Force Feedback as this controller cannot use it. The advanced wheel options may help when fine tuning the  responses. Deadzone is what it says - the amount of turn required to deviate the wheel from the centre / straight position and saturation - the higher the saturation the more sensitive the steering, less movement from centre to achieve lock.
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Hi, many thanks for the response. I tried it again but it does not seem to work. Its like F1 cannot see the wheel even though windows can. As I wrote all is fine in joy.cpl windows displays wheel turn, pedals move etc. I cannot set control config to "joypad" - only to "custom". When you have a wheel in what does the "control config" say? I can set the Override Device Input Type between wheel and pad when its custom, but no help. Is there no advanced setting, no setup program / file in F1 I can try. 
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