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What the hell is going on....? What is all this!? I wanna speak to Gnarl, This is all wrong, all ********! Codemasters was a name synonymous with the bringer of doom and gloom to all the world, where in all the realms is THE Overlord, The destroyer of light and life!? RACING?! RACING?! AND MORE RACING!????!!!? REALLY?! Have you all sold out so easily? Overlord was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had as a gamer, and it was a huge HUGE departure from the norm in fantasy action. with a world/gamingfeel that no one else has ever succeeded in recreating or capturing. You can't really sit here and tell me it's all over for Evil. Light can't have won, that would leave everything in the universe out of balance. Might as well call you EA2, put out some good stuff early on, then sell out with a bunch of sports garbage and give up on doing anything else because you tricked a bunch of middle aged idiots into feeding you their cash and suddenly you forget that you used to be an actual creative force to be reckoned with. Ooooooh I'm moving real fast and I need to move real faster than the other guy moving real fast in order to move real faster than some other guy 3 minutes from now when the next pointless fuckin race starts. Ban me if you like. I used to respect your company and all it's employees as a whole years back, but now, Seeing your logo just depresses me and makes me sick. Way to go. Good luck in the future when you end up absorbed, disolved, and dismantled because of the terrible, bland, and boring direction you've decided to take your one-trick-pony of a company, if you even get that lucky. And the sad thing is, History shows that your team/s are better than this. Way better. Triumph, paradox, everyone involved in Overlord, WHYYYYYYY

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