Ok i've had the first test on my PC with v1.2 and the problems from v1.1 persist and there's even new ones. - The game still crashes to desktop when going from a stage to another (loading process) but this time the crash report is different. It's reporting a d3d11.dll error. - The no grip bug is happening more than ever before. @ChristinaMc This no grip bug should be investigated before any FFB changes are applied to the final build, because this can be very well related to the lack of FFB in the surfaces. Basically, this time when the bug was happening, my wheel felt very light with lack of FFB (even SAT and Center Steering Forces). Once the bug stopped happening mid-stage the FFB went back to normal. There's really something wrong with gravity in this game, and I bet that this gravity bug is what's causing the faulty FFB since launch and I fear your team might be wasting time trying to fix what's not broken at all. - HDR and lighting on PC is also poor. The fix wasn't a fix at all because despite being able to see the road better on night stages, and despite the cockpit being dark on night stages (which is correct imo), the outside lighting is just too over-exposed (white is burnt, and so on, just like in the consoles). It seems that this HDR lighting or whatever is responsible for controling the brightness and over exposure needs to be done from scratch, because it's simply a mess. Notice in the picture below how the lights burn the ground with over-exposure. It's as the ground material is totally flat and with 0 roughness. Also, lights don't work at all on dark places of the stages (same problem as in v1.1). You go through a dark place in the forest of NZ during day time, you turn on the lights and there's no effect. I recorded a video of this last experience I've had, which shows up these 3 bugs. If we add the persistent sound bug to the equation, it looks as if patch v1.2 was barely effective and a serious v1.3 patch needs to be issued steadfast and it needs to be a game-changer solid one. Notice how the wheels refuse to grip, like if it was a clutch slipping or the car levitating. I would like to note that this grip bug / slipping clutch is not due to a custom livery installation, as it has happened to me before on v1.1 with a Peugeot 208 R5 with the game totally default. Only the texture file of this Lancer has been modified, no nefs have been touched.