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DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!


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10 hours ago, SkiddyMcCrash said:

@masa90 @gleylancer571 are you both using front bumper cam?


If you are, change your camera from bumper to a different view before you cross the finish line on the first stage, it'll stop the bug happening. Just change your camera back to bumper at the start of the second stage and you're good. 

Thanks but i dont like the Bumper Cam !

So I should go to the bumper view and then switch to any other view? And in the second stage again in the bumper?
I always drive in the outside view from behind
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Textures clipping in head camera with the lowest Field of View setting, in Lancia Stratos. Similar thing happens with onboard, external cameras during replays when a car rolls over and a camera gets too close to the ground (PC Steam).



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Not really a bug but you really need to overlook your terminal damage boundaries. I drove off the road in Argentina. Had no way of coming back up so I drove further down the hill to try and see if I could active the car reset option(I could'nt from the menu), and then boom. terminal damage, event over.

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On 4/14/2019 at 2:53 PM, DoubleTen said:

In the italian version there are 2 exclusive bugs:

- every Montecarlo stages begins with a spanish co-pilot saying initial notes and "buena suerte" (good luck in spanish)

- Weather Clean has become Meteo Cancella. "Cancella" means "erase" in italian. The right translation is "Sereno"

maybe will help to fix: i listened again to this yesterday... i think it's Portuguese, not Spanish... the only certain thing is not Italian 😋

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I found a weird bug in Te Awanga Forward where you seem to hit an invisible rock in the middle of a turn about 3 to 3:30 into the stage. You get a small launch from it, and it easily sent me off into the trees on both my attempts at the stage. Kinda confused what could be causing this, and hope you'll look into it

(Image 1 is of the corner where the bug is, 2 and 3 are of the launch effects at about 75mph)




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Xbox One S - Deluxe Edition

I noticed that you have acknowledged the screen tearing / flickering which still Persists. I also noticed that it’s said because of hardware limitations - we have the above issues. Could we not have the ability to customise our game in terms of looks to increase performance like what PC players have? Turn crowd animation off, and change lighting effects to reduce the load on our Xbox’s, which would increase FPS and help with the overall performance?

Currently I am put off playing DR2.0 simply because it looks really unfinished. I’ve gone back to previous DiRT games simply because they just work, smooth frame rates and solid performance are very important IMO.


kind regards

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