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upcoming games on xbox one

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I recommend that you get a PS4 instead and play DRIVECLUB. Its a very fun game, I love it.
I'm a Sony fanboy but please, Forza is a much better game than Driveclub.

Forza, Sunset OD and Ryse are good games for Xbone. If you are into sports then Fifa 15 and NBA 2k15 are great.
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I own both and have Forza 5 and ForzaHorizon but since Driveclub is working right i didnt touch the Forzas anymore.

Beautifull game and somehow the handling is perfect for a raceGAME, Forza may be sim, but totally different as for example Assetto Corsa , and Driveclub may be arcade but totally different as for example NFS.

The Crew i played beta, personally i didnt like it, but its not realy a racing game.

Destiny great SF shooter but somehow i lost intrest, oh wait i know why iam playing alot GTA5 online if i dont race XD

Waiting for The Division and The Witcher3 and maybe Uncharted4.

Atm Farcry4 is out and hear thats a great game to but i dont have it so cant tell

Iam selling my xbone, its already sold to my nephew and keeping the PS4.

I bought the xbone bcz my first console was a xbox360 which i only bought cheap for GTA5 and had not realy a clue bout consoles, but almost al my rl friends play on the PS4 so thats why i changed, would say they both verry good, just have to look if ur favorite game is on both or exclusive for 1 of them, otherwise they both worth every penny, so have fun with what ever ur choice maybe XD

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lol, yeah sometimes i think i cancel the selling but then i never can focus myself good on a game and have alot half played games and i already have time to short to play XD.

But if ur in a situation u can afford and handle both, i would say JUST DO IT, u wont regret it XD

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I'm holding off on buying a Xbox One until Project Cars is close to release. Still waiting on Codemasters to announce what racers they have coming out on next gen. I only use my 360 for World of Tanks and a few races on Grid Autosport. 
Think thats my strategy. I want to see more games out before I maka a choice. Doesn't really matter for the codies games as I think they will be on both platforms.

The thing that is tempting me the most at the moment is FH2 and the Storm Island DLC, which looks to be the nearest thing to Dirt3 that has been released for some time.
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I went through this dilemma myself and the underlying factor for me as a racer was the wheels that are available for both consoles, so i worked my way backwards and choose the wheel then the console as on the most part most games are released and available across both. there really are only a few choices tbh xb1= tx 458 or ps4=t300
I've eventually went with the t300, T3PA's  and the ps4. and I've been trying out driveclub but wouldnt waste my effort on the crew, Overall i'm enjoying the new title and challenges but as my prefered type of driving is track events, driveclub doesn't quite cut the mustard but enjoyable enough, i'm really holding out for project cars mostly and seeing if  CM gets F1 right before parting with any cash, But I'll be returning to Grid mainly because i have a few months of xbl remaining, catch you around :D 
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