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Silverstone shortcut

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There is a shortcut on the Silverstone track on every layout that includes the Vale chicane, Club corner and has the new post-2011 start/finish line.

If you take the quicker path through the Vale chicane, the one that diverts to the left earlier, and continue off-track (on the tarmac run-off) all around the chicane and Club, then return to the track only after crossing the start/finish line (ideally, between the first and the second sandwich board), you don't get the track limit penalty.

It saves you about 1 second in lap time, so it may be a bit difficult to spot on leaderboards.

On a sidenote, I'm a bit disappointed that that quicker Vale chicane was not incorporated in any layout. It makes the track even quicker - basically you don't drop below 4th all the way from Luffield to Village (turn 3) on the new Arena layout. It's great, it really made the circuit feel like its classic 1949-1974 incarnation, but with nowaday's upgraded safety facilities.

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