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Better late than never

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Does anybody actually read these introductions? I can't say that I ever have.

But, considering that I have been on this forum for a little while now, I am really enjoying this community. So, in my new found spirit of societal intrigue and warmth, I thought it best to introduce myself. And, as a writer, perhaps placate my ego with a little self indulgence at the same time... shall we begin.

So, as mentioned, I am a writer; I am struggling through yet another novel after my last one received a rejection letter that was on par with my writings in terms of page numbers- the arts is a cruel business. Short of foraging bushes for food I have forced myself to become a business developer while supplementing my income with freelance material for various motorcycle magazines. But, before you ask, I highly doubt that you would have read any of my stuff. But this brings  me onto my passion...

Bikes...well, bikes, cars and racing in general. I have raced, watched and enjoyed various motorsports throughout my life, but, as I am not born from wealth, my racing career never progressed further than the amateurs, forcing me to quit that pursuit. Just about the right side of thirty, I now enjoy these same thrills through a virtual forum, but a lack of resources means I must content myself with a ps4 and pad rather than a full sim setup- but at least I have something to aspire to.

Which brings me full circle as to why I am here in this community; simply because I love codemaster games.

Yes, ball-licker here admits it, I like codemasters and especially DR2. It is a cracker of a game and I am not ashamed to admit it. I also enjoy the F1 games. I would love the opportunity to extend my writings to game reviews as I am known for being as highly critical as I am eloquent...but I can never find a pair of headphones to fit my head. 

Yes, I am opinionated. Yes, I am intelligent and will argue to the death for a cause I believe in. But I am also open minded and always willing to learn and admit when I am wrong. I try to be humorous at all times and never take myself, or others, too seriously, yet afford everyone the respect that they deserve. You will note that this also extends to codies- the most underrated and over-abused people on here.

The best thing about this community is the wide variety of people here, and the vast number of different personalities and opinions, debates and theories. I have met people I agree with, disagree with, laugh with and admonish. But never once have I felt that anyone here is being less than honest and considerate. Yes, there is sniping and petulance, but each character is their own and, like the grumpy uncle who comes by only on Christmas days, the forum family seems to accept all comers...a rare thing in this day and age and not unlike the other community that I pride myself on being a part of...motorcycles.

So, if you are new to this forum, get stuck in and enjoy. Be prepared to have people disagree and argue with you but you will probably find that, on another point, that exact same person will agree with you. It is awesome here. 

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