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No steering sensitivity settings for pad - Xbox One - Impossible to play competitively!


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I have started a no assists career and something been bothering me a lot, finally becoming a serious problem in Azerbaijan.

I'm not sure how the steering sensitivity works with a Wheel/in PC, but in the Xbox with the Pad there's a limit to how much the in-game wheel can turn which is inversely proportional to your speed. Therefore, the faster you are the lesser you can turn the wheel.

Every serious racing SIM I have played has steering sensitivity and sensitivity based on speed settings to fix these problems, but for some odd reason, F1 2018 doesn't feature sensitivity settings (only linearity, deadzone and saturation, being only the latter somewhat useful for a pad user!).

This limit on my ability to fully turn the wheel is having a big impact on my performance in circuits with tight corners, forcing me to cheat with the flashback function one too many times. In Azerbaijan, I'm having to slow down a bit more than realistically necessary just so the wheel turns more and my nose doesn't go into the wall.

It appears that this problem is even worse in Monaco's hairpin, being impossible for pad users unless they hit the apex kerb and force a slight oversteer - while comparing to real life footage the drivers can simply turn their steering wheel a bit more.

Is there a way I can petition or open a ticket to Codemasters asking them to implement a sensitivity setting? I'm not sure how much other players replying to this forum can do to help, but I'm not sure of what else I can do to have a fix for this problem.


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