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Which is the best F1 game so far?

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Not so difficult choice for me...

For myself, the game I've played the most is Grand Prix 4, followed by Codemasters 2012.

GP4 gave me the most fun because I could understand and improve my racing skills because of the telemetry options in the game. Until now, Codemasters has refused to implement the telemetry option in their game and it is a huge miss.

In telemetry, you can understand where on the track you can be be quicker and why you're not in other sections. That's really racing and without that, F1 games are lacking something essential to play the game like real...

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I've only really played 3 of them to be honest. 

The first was F1 06 for the PSP, I absolutely loved that game. Put on all assists, full race lenghts and easiest difficulty. I never minded the lack of challenge, I just loved the driving. F1 06 was a very complete game, with telemetry and the process of joining a team (completing a challenge in their car) and being able to become their third driver (test driver). Also the podium celebrations and the fact that you could actually see your trophies was amazing. This game also contained some amazing classic cars, dating back all the way to the 60's. I also owned this game on the PS2, but didn't play it as much on that platform. I remember drooling over the CE for ps3 (which was considered next gen back then).

My second is F1 2012. I bought that game along with a x360 gamepad for my PC. I learned how to properly play racing games on this game, spending hours of time trial in Albert Park, mastering the braking and traction control (I enabled TC after a while, without is pretty tough :neutral_face: ). I never actually completed a season in that game, no idea why. 

Finally, I also bought F1 2013 after being convinced during a free weekend on steam. The handling really felt so much better. I managed to drive a full season in that game (with Williams, and then moved to Ferrari), but after a while, I noticed that the game was actually not as much fun as F1 2012, since the tyre management system was very unbalanced in my opinion.

If I had to pick a best, it would be F1 2012 due to it's gameplay, but 06 is a very close second, due to the content. 


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Now then were do we start.
 Like others have said Codemasters are going in the right direction.After all how long did we wait for an F1 game after F106 on PS2 and after the PS3 version.I  Really liked the test driver bit in career but it was hard in my opinion. I Love all Motorsport games and you can't complain about the F1 games by Codemasters.
Just would like to see a few more improvements.Quite a number to mention but things like more session times on GP weekends,Telemetry like in GP4 game,Pre- season testing with R&D,more user control on pit stop entry and exit,as well as a clutch for the car,maybe some management add ins like you used to have in the F1 management games from the past(F1 Manger by EA and Grand Prix World) and as I say a lot more to mention.I must admit though I love the damage mods for the Codemasters F1 games but these are only for the PC and not possible on consoles.
Past classics are many but include F1 97-99 by  Psygnosis on PS1. GP series GP2,3 and 4. Gp2 I still play on on Dosbox along  with GP4. All the EA F1 series too 2001,2002 and 99-02 Challenge on the pc. Some great mods for the latter  like 95 and 96 seasons along with 2003,2004 and 2005 . Also I have to mention my favorite all time classic from 1998 on the PC, yes the great Grand Prix legends.For this classic game mod tracks and cars galore,Race the classic Lotus 49 or Cooper at classic tracks like Spa67, Nurburgring(Green Hell) and even Reims in France among others. Race against the greats,Jim Clark,Jack Brabham and Graham Hill.Even still the game as online leagues world wide that are still going strong. Just check out you tube for Spa67 track and watch the addictive series Lets race Grand prix legends.
Other classics like Richard Burns Rally,Rally Trophy,Nascar Racing 2003 and bike sims like GP 500 and for me the best motorcycle racing game ever TT Superbike series on the PS2.
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I played DiRT 3 for a long time before getting another Codies game. My next one was F1 2012. I found it so challenging because I didn't know a thing about F1 when I got it. It was a good enough game to keep me on track and buy the next one, and the same thing happened again. Out of 12, 13, and 14; I'd say 2013 really was the best. The improvement over 2012 was massive, especially in terms of how good it felt on my steering wheel. The classic content was a real joy for me also; even though at first I didn't really care that it was on there. While I love the ERS of 14 blasting the car around the track, I miss having the control over boost that KERS offered. 
In short, for me: 2013, 2014, 2012.
I have DiRT 2 and 3; I prefer 3 but 2 was still an ok game.

Laugh all you want but F1 Race Stars is fun too.

The only Codies game I didn't like was Grid 2. I just got GAS today and like it so far. 

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Granted I have an advantage being on PC, but I am running F1 2013 with all the great mods from the talented lads at RD along with some of my own tweaks and having an absolute ball, racing in a new career in a Caterham and getting my arse wooped, trying for a decent career offer.
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Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 4 is easily the best! In it's day it blew all racing sims into the reeds for years. The Physics are still pretty good with current mods, and they just understand F1 and what kind of sport it is.

The current offerings are sub par compared to non F1 sims. Which by definition makes them sub standard even if they are the only F1 games currently around.
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Original Formula One on PS1 which I believe was the 94 season complete with 3rd drivers, also unlocked an F1 car shaped track some how. Formula 1 97, 98 and 2001. The CM versions have been a disappointment so far imo
Formula One on the PS1 was an exceptional game. It was on the 95 season mind not 94 but it was fantastic. 
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The best Formula 1 game to date is the McLaren Honda MP4-30 in iRacing.  Seriously.  There's no stupid AI.  You have full control over all real world setup parameters on a real world scale (none of this 1-11 nonsense).  The handling and force feedback are flawless.  The netcode is the best in the business.  It's bug free.  There's sensible and functional safety ratings and driver ratings.  All it's really missing is some of the circuits.... which ok, I'll admit is a big one :)
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In order from best;
2018 is my fav
2016 was a revelation in R&D and ghost online was nice, impossible to get torpedoed lol!
2006 and Championship Edition I put in more hours than any other game (possibly combined and owned it on PS2 PS3 PSP and still have my PS2 and PSP copies).
2013 was tough for tyre management but was amazing for classic
F1 Championship 1999 - 2000 I have fond memories, PS1 first official F1 game I ever played, used to play every day after work like a religion.

The only one I didn't play much and did very little in was 2012, on PS it was very glitchy and the frame skipping was pretty big.

Still play GP4 too though lol
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