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[PC, DR2 v1.2 bug] Missing a LOT of pace notes now, and they were there in v1.1


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Subject line says it all. I never used to have any issues in DR2 v1.1 with pace notes but now that they've been "fixed" in v1.20, they turn up missing quite frequently. Not always the same ones either. Seems to depend on the car.

For example, driving the Rally-GT Porsche in Spain, there is a CRUCIAL 1 right that simply wasn't called, right before the left bend that leads into the super acute hairpin from DR4 (where two roads meet at about a 15 degree angle). Phil missed multiple other calls on the stage, but they weren't ones that nearly killed me. I know there's at least one 3 left in New England in the R5 Fiesta that he definitely didn't used to miss that he does now too. This occurred in a multiplayer game. I know that earlier in the evening, that call was there when driving a Group B 205.

Also, I am unable to remain in-game for multiplayer if it starts in New England (I'm not sure if this is the case for all stages, but it appears to be). My computer finishes loading, displays all the players ready except the host, then says the session was terminated or something like that. Meanwhile everyone else moves on to car setup. I can join the *second* stage, if there is one, but never the first stage.

This is all on a 2.9ghz quad Xeon, 12gb RAM, Nvidia 1080 Ti, 500gb SSD, Windows 10 (fully patched). I have verified my game files and they seem fine according to Steam.

Thanks in advance for any help...


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