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Dirt2.0 improvement suggestions

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After many hours of playing PS4 version of Dirt Rally 2.0 I have found some problems with this version that can easily be fixed and completely improve the game.

Most of the issues simply did not exist in Dirt Rally 1.0, so let's change and fix these issues that really make the game less pleasant.

1. The HOOD view has an issue where the sunlight shines too brightly at the horizon, making it too difficult to see the road.

FIX: Eliminate the sun glaring, which I've noticed is worse for the HOOD view.

2. The in car dashboard view pov is now further back from the window, and as such has been ruined from Dirt 1.0 which had the closer to window dashboard view pov setting. 

It actually made that dashboard view, which I use most now in Dirt Rally 1.0, completely unusable in Dirt Rally 2.0. I love that view in Dirt Rally 1.0 but can no no longer even use it.

3. Some of the vehicles have the windows sun visor at the top with any inside view, where it blocks most of the view itself. (See the Ford cars)

4. The instant replay should have had an additional "Dynamic Cam" setting where the camera flies and circles around the cars as it did exactly in Dirt 3.0

5. Vehicle damage should be improved, with more flying parts on impact, and more realistic damage shown on vehicles.

Once again Dirt 3.0 excelled at that.

I hope one of the developers will see this, and understand what needs to be done here in order to improve the game.

As it is now, I am playing Dirt 1.0 more now, and have really not been playing Dirt 2.0 at all in the last few days, even though I bought the season pass for it.


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