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What an Idiot Prepare Steam Updates?

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I really want to know: is it new Steam operating mode, or just YOU (Codemasters)  made IT?

So, second time - the same: after update release Steam download not just update, but THE FULL GAME - 40-45Gb. In my system I have of order 40Gb free at the volume with game installed. So, Steam DO NOT DELETE current files, but starts to download 45GB to the OTHER volume... where only 30Gb I have. Then stops, and after a time I finds it simply do nothing, when trying to return to download - cry about space expired. And initially I don't know, how much he wants!  Its total nonsense. For the ends, I wait  30-40 minutes for game to be reinstalled to other volume.

1. For what a hell ALL tracks, cars  and so on has to be downloaded each time? What a madhouse? What to do poor guys from some-what Iran, where they pay wild for them money for each Mb? 

2. If even to download everything - why not simply to erase current files and load directly to old place? What all these mean?

3. So, WHO invented this scheme? If you - no more questions. If you CAN invent it - nothing good any case we can wait.

But if its really Steam... may be, its really time to fire THAT idiots and try, may be, that Epic system ? 

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