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URA Season 3 F1 2019 | XBOX ONE

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We have 5 rounds left of Season 2, and the long anticipated Season 3 is now being planned. We wish to grow into a multitier league so people with different pace will have it easier to race. Races are Saturdays at 7pm uk time, however if we do become a multitiered league, different tiers might be at different times. More info on that will come later. 

We want fair, clean, and dedicated drivers, since we are all about the importance of having a good attendance rate whilst still being clean and fair on the track. We have so far had amazing turn outs, averaging about 19 drivers every race. It might not be 20 drivers, but its not 4 either. 

We use Discord to talk with each other, so if you want to join our growing community, make sure to get discord first, then register and account (its completely free, here is the link: https://discordapp.com/) and then add me (PhoenixL3g3nd#0686) then message me about anything; wether you want more information, or you are ready to join, i will answer as soon as possible.

We are also searching for commentators, so if you feel like you are up for the task, contact me. However, the role of Commentator has a few requirements of its own in our league. 1. you need to make most and prefferably all of the races, 1 or 2 absent races is accepted though. 2. You need to be able to stream at an acceptable quality, hd and above is good. Last but definitely not least, 3. You need to be able to save the stream. 

However you join, i will see you on the track, champ!

Edit: Recently, F1 2019 was announced. The league has decided to delay Season 3 for that game since ther eis only about 3 months left and we are not fully done with season 2. We will have things like tier 2 racing with f2 cars, team leaders get to choose team name and livery for both tier 1 and 2 for their team, and of course, we will have a full calendar without any short tracks, and all 21 tracks will be included, but in a custom order. Join now, for the most anticipated season is getting closer and closer!

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