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DIRT RALLY 2 - Italian localization issues

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With the last update I've noticed some language localization issues that affect the pace-notes and some other stuff; some of the issues appaear to afffect only Monte Carlo.

AUDIO; just before starting the race (in the few seconds preceding the start) the co-pilot summarizes the forthcoming pacenotes; unfortunately they come in Portuguese instead of Italian. It is a minor issue anyway since fortunately during after the race start the pace-notes are coming in Italian. This issue seems to happen only at Monte Carlo

EVENT INFORMATION; the weather conditions are sometimes baddly translated 

- in some cases the "CLEAR WEATHER" is wrongly translated into "CANCELLA" (which is a meaningless english-to-italian translation of the verb "to clear") instead of being translated into "SERENO" which is the actual correct translation of "CLEAR WEATHER"

- in some cases the "light snow" conidtion is wrongly translated into "luce neve" instead of being translated into "neve leggera" which is the actual correct transaltion of "light snow"

FORCE FEEDBACK SETUP MENU;  in the force feedback setup menu the  3rd line of text is wrong and misleading

The 4th one is correct and it is "attrito dei pneumatici" which is the correct translation of the english "tyres friction". The 3rd one, instead, is wrongly described again as "attrito degli pneumatici" instead of "attrito delle ruote" which is the actual correct translation of "wheels friction".



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I was just looking for a topic like this. These mistakes are really embarrassing! Had to switch console language to English, "cancella" is just absurd. 🤨

Also there are some mistakes on the replay menu, "track", in that case, doesn't mean "percorso" (race track) but "brano" (music track)!

It's a shame because it would be so easy to correct.

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Same in Polish. Used cars are translated into "w użyciu" which stands for "is beeing used" (at this moment by sb or sth) instead of "używany". Similar issue with tires which are used but not worn yet. I don't even know what "w trakcie używania" stands for in english, I'd to switch game to english to check, but this term means completely nothing, actually, in this context.

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