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Playstation Racing League (For PS3 & PS4)

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Dear all, 

My name is John and I am the administrator of a site called the PlayStation Online Racing Championships (PSORC) (www.psorc.com). This site caters for racers of all abilities, both assisted and unassisted, and allows them to race in ability-screened, clean races of 50% distance. These races are on a Wednesday evening at 8pm GMT.  Calendars are on the website and can be viewed by both guests and current members. We also have many social events, mostly held on Sundays, which allow casual racing with friends.

Due to a few dropouts from our leagues, we are currently seeking mid-season recruits (from Austria Onwards) with the next league race January 7th. We also have a screening race for new recruits tomorrow - which some members whom are both established and new are attending! We are a friendly community of people, and we aim not to be just a racing league, but an environment where people can share common interests and discuss them at length. 

We are prepared for the Next-Generation of gaming on the PS4 in F1 2015, and will also have league sign-up sheets running for this as soon as the release date is confirmed (in addition to a new calendar of races!). The current race calendar is scheduled to end at about the estimated release date of F1 2015, so that the championship can end in its entirety. In addition to F1, we are currently expanding into other games, such as Project Cars - we aim to have both a GT and Touring car series when this is released also. 

We hope to gain some active members - we have currently gone through a complete rebrand, with a new major domain name and approach, in the aim of expanding into newer games and appealing to serious league racers, or those whom simply want to race in a fair, adjudicated and clean environment with friendly people. 

We hope to see you on track (if you decide to race with us!)

John (PSORC Administrator) (www.psorc.com)
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