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Connection to Racenet Issues

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So I was doing a Monthly Community Event, and I had just finished stage 5, when I got a message saying the connection to Racenet had failed. I had the option to Retry or Go to Main Menu. After several unsuccessful clicks on Retry, I gave up and returned to the Main Menu. When I went back into the event, however, I checked my progress (the next stage happened to be a service area) and got this weirdness: all my times for each stage were the same (but not penalty-long), and also my tires were unused, despite having just done two stages.  

then, when checked my ranking on the leaderboard a few stages later, I was way, waaaaay down, so I must have gotten the maximum possible time for the event after which I got disconnected. pretty annoying (I hadn't made any huge mistakes this event, which doesn't happen very often)




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