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Allow us to select more times of day and weather conditions

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I was originally going to make this post with a whole bunch of Dirt 4 screenshots, showing how you could have pretty much any possible time of day and combine it with any possible weather condition. it made longer events really great, with the light changing gradually from one stage to the next. it was also cool to see it overcast one stage, then light showers the next, then heavy rain, then sunny but with wet roads still, then like fog or whatever it was really, really good.

And in DR2.0, there only seemed to be 4 times of day: Daylight, Sunset, Dusk and Night, with 1-4 weather options for each. But I had only played the community events (I haven't even started career mode because I'm waiting for more DLC locations to come out. I like variety.)

anyways, I entered the first historic championship, and what did I find in Spain, but more times of day (also note there are two "Daytimes" in a row, and one has showers, which is a weather effect we cannot select) that I did not know existed in the game. why the hell aren't these available for custom or community/AI events? (can't speak on career)




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I want more option than One Dry and One Wet for hotlapping!
That's not enough! There is night, fog, sunrise and more
What about track degradation? We should set it for each track for hotlapping!


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Hoping this fine tuning all gets addressed after all the fixes are made, I noticed this yesterday when playing around with a custom championship, some stages you can’t even chose rain, just a wet surface, others have no option of rain at night etc, fog would be an awesome addition, was in 4 why not here lol and tuning the degradation of the stage would be cool too

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