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F1 2015 Idea's (The forum that Hatta and all the other "masters of code" should read :)

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Ok so I have been waiting since 2013 for these things to be implemented and don't get me wrong I love this franchise but it annoys me paying money just so I can have an updated game with no improvements and I think since 2010 this franchise has gone backwards and the AI are absolutely brutal so here goes......

- possibly wheel tethers and a realistic damage model and so maybe a wheel could fly off and maybe hit someone and then the reserve driver takes the injured drivers seat for a race or two and so for example if it was Fernando Alonso but maybe McLaren don't have a reserve (not sure if they do) McLaren may completely miss a points haul and with the updates you could have reserve driver transfers and test driver transfers in the headlines (maybe in 2016 with a better licence) so maybe [Breaking News! Julion Palmer signs as Williams reserve and test driver] maybe it would be hard with helmet sponsors an all but you could just use their main design and put the teams sponsors on it but just have a number that isn't taken (I have gone off  trace a bit but yeah)

-maybe have it like GTA so if you crash you are able to get out of the car by pressing a certain button and you press another to get in maybe the medical car for a ride back to paddock if it's s bad crash or hop on the back of a motorbike to get back or you could possibly walk and so your driver might shake his head with one button or might shake hands with another driver he might of crashed with with another button or he might just keep his head down or he might push away a camera with another button and maybe all these things could change fans opinions of you the team might get angry with the way you handled it or maybe if your friendly against the other driver(s) you have a better relationship with themor you could take your helmet off or you could throw your wheel out of the car and the thing that is bolted into the cockpit or you could take off your gloves or you could throw your hands up in frustration .

-With the parc ferme celebrations maybe you could choose which celebrations you do like in FIFA so if you go in the menus and go into the settings you can see the controls for the celebrations and maybe if you win the world championship you could get of your car and pet it or worship it like Sebastian Vettel did in 2013 and you could have your signature celebration like in FIFA so you can have we say the one where Hamilton kind of crouches down on top of his car and clenches his fist .  

Btw thanks for reading sorry it's a bit long but hope you enjoyed
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aha its a nice list of things Reub09 ! i have some or "alot" of things i would like to see.. and have posted them all around some of the idea forums of CM forums :) so heres my list of improvements and ideas!: 

1: I would like to see in the career mode that you start of from the bottom teams and earn your way up in the ranks and teams to get recognized as a good driver, but also keeping the difficulty level there, but making it that you don’t have to RESTART the season if you have a contract offer half way through the season and the difficulty is a bit easier when you swap for a higher team than you originally drove with? So like a balanced difficulty system where if you are changing teams though out the season, it will still be difficult to earn your spot on the podium, instead of keeping it the same difficulty, e.g. if I started at Caterham and made good progress, moved up to say, Toro Rosso RedBull, and just outran everyone on the track, its hardly a change of difficulty, and no challenge when its on a difficulty when you first started off, than when you changed teams?.. get me? Aha ^^;

2: In Exhibition mode: be able to watch a race of your favorite teams/drivers/modes/tracks in a camera mode and switch in between the cameras and drivers with a commentary to go along with that to make it more like you are watching an actual race if you wanted to.. just like in the game i loved to play on the Nintendo 64, Formula 1 Championships, also commentary can be turned on/off)

3: if you have a voice input such as like the kinect or a headset, and have voice commands such as like: 

"Lap time" - Feedback on your lap time(s)
"Fuel" - Feedback on how much fuel you've used and/or when you need to pit in for more fuel.
"Tyres" - Feedback on how much laps your tyres are estimated to run out and due for a pit.
"Team Mate" - Feedback on where your TM is/position and anything else relevant to the race.
e.g. : "Team Mate" : "your Team Mate, ('team mates name'), is currently in X place and is on the 2nd corner and is due for a pit in X amount of laps, also is lapping X amount of second(s) ahead of you 
"Times" - Feedback on how well your times are improving or not, and the times you are posting. 
e.g. : "Times", "your last lap time was, 01:35.53, you are improved/improving by 0.200'ths of a second, keep it up" or something like that.
Just a few commends that can be put in the next game so like the garage engineer can give you feedback on your command.  just as in the examples.

4: as everyone's saying, more better or have engine, brakes, gear failures, as it would in the real races. i guess this could be a good feature.

5: focus on more the track now?

6: Bring back the Interviews maybe before, but defiantly after the race, relevance to my next few questions, make it that we have a conference room to go in after the race(s)  in free roam mode. 

7: a character Customization? be able to Customize your Character, and your own Number to start in your own career mode. 
Also having more than one Career Player?

8: Manual PitStops: would be good to drive into your own pitstops where as in the 2010-13 Formula 1 games we had KERS, we could replace that with a pit limiter speed button, if Manual Pits is turned on (as an option) you have to press the Pit Limiter button, (assigned to your controller) to enter the pits. but only if the option of having manual pits on.
Also can the Camera Angle of the your Crew pushing your Car in the Garage be free view?.. iwould like to see that you are observing the surroundings of your garage when your car is being pushed into the garage and still can look around. 

9: Free Roam: would like to see that you can be able to hop out of your car after a session is finished or if you have a car part that is failed and you can have an option to watch the rest of the race in camera mode or be exploring around the paddock and garage, can not enter the track while a race/session is on, nor the pit lane, but yeah. just an idea to work on if so.

10: Fully Custom Selection of Game Modes: In exhibition mode, would like to see that you can choose any time of the day you can race, with any weather, on any track, in any short, medium and full, short, medium or long race weekends.
but in career mode, could we have the calender back from the F1-2011-12, and make them weekends not a full month of racing, so you can have news stories in between the week and practices if you want, and R&D 'special' events during the week before the race so you can be ready for the race to come. just something to improve i guess.

11:Cockpit Helmet View: would like to see the actual Helmet you are wearing while in the cockpit racing on your head instead of having a plain view of the cockpit. but can be an option you can turn off and on.
Also as some people are saying, custom design helmets?.. could be awesome. 

12: Formation Lap

13: not so much to look at, BUT just an idea, in Gran Tourismo 5, you can manage a driver and select his car and see how well he can go with what you can provide your driver, starting off in the lower tiers and work your way up in the managers chair. and hiring new young talent to join your team to build your drivers skills to become a legend.

14: Having Lower grades! F2, F3 would be nice to have as a starting point.

15: Does anyone fancy some GO-KARTS?!?!, would be a nice side-feature to the game, since go-karts are the stepping stone to formula 1 racing. :P

16: Podiums: After a race i guess.. (an option to either turn off/on podiums, or you can skip podium cut-scene) would be a good thing.. because if you celebrate, i'd like to see my Character/Driver celebrate on a good finishing position,on the podium.

17: If your car is damaged, (lest say pretty badly) BUT you are ok and  able to move.. could we say that its an idea that a safety crew comes out once the safetey car is out on track, the crew moves your car to the tow area to get it back to the garage? as it would "realistically" as people want it these days, but it would be good to see what else happens when you are in that sort of situation like that, instead of like in 2011-13 where if you highly impact a wall you have a menu pop up saying: [ you can either: use a flashback or retire from the session]  i think having the simulation of having to see that you have to hop out of your car that you've badly damaged or just an accident and left the safety crew handle your car towing it back to the garage. (but i guess thats all a bit to much to expect on a little side effect on a game?.. [just an idea]

18: G-force Effects? : i know its something that might go a bit to far in this idea but,when im going around a corner at like 100+km/hr i stop and think, if there is anything that the driver sees when he is going around a corner even faster or something.. or thats just my speculation of asking something that i dont know of, -sort of. ?

18.5: some people saying that having a game/season(s) that go from the 2000's or earlier maybe and start from there, finishing to where we are now? i GUESS it COULD work.. maybe? but thats provided that you have to get everyone’s expectations with the old drivers that everyone wants AND the new improved effects and simulations of what we are anticipating on the newer F1 2015! so yeah.. its not a bad idea, but it could be something more of -down the track- sort of suggestions if i were looking to make the next game.. IMO :P 

19: Sponsored Cars: i see why not?.. because the cars look plain every time i go past or an AI passes me (started/ing from caterham on professional with no HUD and ALWAYS in cockpit camera, earning my way up to better teams is my kind of playing field and  style of F1

20: haha another idea? : Legend Challenges: so like, if you have a specific Driver/Legendary driver ( past drivers that has been in from 2013 or earlier in the real races) you can challenge them/ like beat their best time on a track of your choosing or their best time on a specific track/ i don't know but something along those lines, but challenging them for their helmet design and wear it on any mode you like  as proof that you have beat them, and/or you can have different helmet designs for each of the drivers and difficulties, e.g. Michael Schumacher has all the difficulty modes: Amateur/Normal/Professional/Legendary: each difficulty has a unique helmet design as you beat the legend and unlock his helmet design.

21: also, on the Season Challenge, they only have one shot qualifying sessions, could we be able to change that to a short, or medium session, because I don’t race tracks yet until I have on the career mode, and i cant adjust to the track in one shot.. so yeah.

just getting my ideas around the forums and see if anyone has the same idea(s) or correct me on an idea i post or anything :)

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 Here are some ideas...

1.Free Roam- I know this f1 and not gta, but i agree with Reub09. We should have more freedom in f1, we should "live the life" like in f1 2010. This idea may be a longshot but it can revolutionize the f1 games we know.

2.Formation Lap- if you remember the game f1 06 from ps2, it was given a remake via f1 championship edition for ps3. That game had formation laps and an incredible feel and atmosphere to it. The formation laps should be a period in the race where all the drivers have the opprotunity to warm their cold tyres. Since 2010, the start of races has that 3 photographic car shot (yoruself, rival, and teammate), and you started the race with cold tyres. This feature should also decide the type of start you get off the line at the start of the race(If you warmed up your tyres enough, you get a smooth or natural start, or if your tyres a re still a bit cold, you get a bad or slow start).This also adds reallism into the game, and gives drivers tense moments off and on-line.

3.Manual Pitstops- If you played R-Factor then you know this should be a feature, as i said before, we should have more freedom in f1 games. Also, we should have more control over our cars. Its been 4 years now that the cpu takes pit control, and the only slightest pit control that f1 has given us is acctually driving down into the pits until you get to the garages. All or most players should know how to enter the pit area by now. Also, whlie we are driving down pit road, there should be a waypoint to where are garage is, so we wont park in the wrong garage.

4.Commentary/Crew Cheif- Im gonna refer back to f1 championship edition, we should have in-race commentary. Will Buxton deserves to heard during the race. Also, the crew cheif should be modified or at least say something different for once.In older games, the crew cheif actually cared for you and directed you through the race. But ever since f1 2011, the crew cheif was just a robot telling you the tyre wear and wheather conditions.These two audio features should be mixed up too, like if will buxton is talikng and your crew cheif is about to say something important, will buxton will be cut off until your crew cheif finishes speaking.

5.Driver Level Unlocks- When we earn experience points in other games and level up, we get rewarded for it. But in f1, all get for leveling up is being ranked in the leaderboards. We should be rewarded vinlys, sponsers, and more( see more of this below). If you play call of duty, there is prestige mode when you have reached the maximum level in multiplayer. In f1, im gonna call it legend mode, where you start over your progress for a faster custom car, more vinyls and sponsors, double xp, and driver suits.

6.Driver Customization-This feature is available at driver lvl. 4. You can edit your helmet and change the colors and sponsors of your suit.

7.Create-a-car- This is a fun little feature i thought of. When you reach driver level 10, you unlock this feature in multiplayer. If you want  this feature in single player, you have to win 1 constructors championship or 2 drivers championship(whichever comes first). You can choose any car model (Ferrari, mercedes. williams body types), but all custom cars will have a default engine, so people will have to rely on set-ups and tuning. They can use sponsers such as bacardi, allianz, etc. When we get to a level (lvl. 24 for example), we unlock a car vinyl such as stripes or flourescent paint colors. If you play call of duty, there is prestige mode when you have reached the maximum level in multiplayer.

8.Retro-cars- In f1 2013, we had the 1986 f1cars, and when f1 2014 was realesed it was absent. For F1 2015, i want the 2002 f1 cars, but codemasters can ask opinoins on their twitter.

9.F1 World Records- This should be a feature because we want to ''acheive'' something in f1. For example, if you break the highest speed on Spa in belgium, the commentator will say...OMG!!! (driver name) has broken the all time high speed record on spa in f1 history!!!!

10.Interviews- The interviews has been a part of the codemasters f1 ''live the life'' style aspect, but was sadly taken out since f1 2012. I want this feature brought back and better than ever. Make this feature as a reputation factor. (if you give a postive response, you gain respect and popularity between drivers, teams and fans. If you give a negative response, you lose some fans, anger some drivers, and disrespect for your team).

11. Celebrations- When we win a race we want to do donuts or go around the track and wave to wave at the fans, but the driver justs congratulates the 1st place driver. Also when we win a championship, the whole team is with the driver and they celebrate together holding the drivers or constructors trophy.

This is my list i hope someone can read this and give a comment about what other ideas im missing out on or what ideas do you agree or disagree on.
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Sorry my english, I'm argentinian. Please, more data on the HUD! I want to know the position of all grid, not only the one or two ahead or behind. I think may be can exist three pages of eight drivers each, and a button for passing from page to page. Also I like to know other situations of the race: pit of other drivers, accidents, penalties, change of 1st position, etc). More data on the screen! Thank you.
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Here is a fairly long list of things i want in F1 2015

1- Drivers Retire/Rookies Join. The career mode can easily turn stale on console (as we don't have the joys of modding). This is because nothing ever changes in career mode. I would love to see a couple of seasons into career mode, someone like Button or Raikkonen retire and someone like Vandoorne or Marciello replaces them

2- Driver relationship/change teams. Again to make career that extra bit better, have drivers change teams if their relationship with their current team is too low. Say Alonso is very unhappy at McLaren as they have an uncompetitive car, he can move to a different team like Mercedes for the next season

3- REMOVE THE SIDEPOD GLITCH. This one is self explanatory

4- 2014-2015 transition in career. Remember F1 Challenge 1999-2002 where you would start in 1999 and finish in 2002. Well maybe you can start your career mode in 2014 and move on to the 2015 season the next season with all the changes (as the game is shipping with the 2014 and 2015 "hybrid cars") And then use idea 1 and 2 for the 2016 season on career.

5- Equal cars online- Yes we have tis system online but there is always that one car which is better than the other car. Equal should be equal. End of

6- Manual Pitstops. Just like good old f1 2006


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