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The return of the Beta Programme for F1® 2019 [UPDATE 02/05]


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Signed up, am ready to help out if chosen.


Got a few questions:


Will you do a "open beta" for everyone after the "closed one" is done this year, or is the same procedure as in the past couple of years going to be the standard to expect?

Would definitely be a better marketing strategy to have both a "closed beta" and a "open one" in my opinion.



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17 minutes ago, JasonWilko said:

Signed up! Goodluck too the lucky ones that get picked and use the time wisely to help better the game, no leaks this time too! Don’t wreck it for the other beta testers. 👍🏼🇦🇺 

agree with you on that one

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Okay people. Things got a little silly there.

Please remember that swearing and/or masked swearing is against the rules of the forum. Constructive criticism of Codemasters' products is more than welcome and people are free to share opinions; but do it sensibly and with respect for each other.

As you can probably tell from my profile picture, it's been a bad day for me today so your lucky I'm not giving any official warnings out. I won't be as nice next time.

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3 hours ago, Overfl0w said:

When will we know if we have been selected for the Beta?

If I remember correctly, the beta was released over 2 months, maybe almost 3 months, prior to the release of the game last year. If they keep to the same schedule, then the beta should start pretty soon. 

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On 3/30/2019 at 1:30 PM, TCKMODDER said:

Fatto, speriamo che mi accettino, è la mia prima volta che mi iscrivo ai beta test, perchè precedentemente non avevo un buon PC

Ciao, ti conviene scrivere in inglese su questo forum

Hi, you should write in English on this forum

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Just now, robbiemelv83 said:

Hopefully I’ll finally get picked for the beta this year 🙏🏻


Does anybody know know when they are planning to roll it out or notify people if they have been chosen?

Really looking forward to this years game!

I think very soon, last beta was 2 months before the release, so maybe this month in 1-2 weeks maybe

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