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DiRT RALLY 2.0 Standard Xbox One performance


I bought the Deluxe Edition on a 1st gen Xbox one and the framerates, resolution, lighting bloom and overall performance is massively sub-optimal. it is extremely blurry at times and drops in frame rates constantly to the point that it is nearly unplayable at times. And the lighting, specifically in cockpit view at Argentina, New England, and Poland blooms up to the point that the interior is pitch black, while the outside is too bright to see where the road is. But then when you enter a forest, the brightness, frame rates and resolution drops soo low that you can barely see more than 20 feet in front of you. A combination of lack of quality, options, and gameplay elements that DR 1.0 and even DiRT 4 had at launch really is starting to make this title feel more like an early Beta than a finished game for the Xbone. And that really sucks, because the game is extremely fun when it works and looks infinitely better on every other platform. Hopefully you guys can fix these issues because DiRT 4, DiRT rally, and even as far back as the original Colin McRae DiRT on the 360 ran better than the standard Xbox one version of 2.0 does. And I honestly feel a bit betrayed on this one.😢

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You see everything blurred, they had to solve next week but I'm afraid they won't make it.:classic_sleep:

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