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what happened to credit earnings this week?

I. SoSlo

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29 minutes ago, ch3sty said:

credit earnings on dailies and weeklies per tier seem way lower than what they had been? lol


Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they rise with a higher number of participants on the Leaderboards?

I would like to assume so, since beating a larger number of players should in theory result in a larger reward.

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tier 1-4 all have a different payout.  and it showes the credit rewards before the race, i have not seen them go up or change from beginning of week to the end of the week as more people participate.

if you look at the current dailies and weeklies the payouts PER TIER seem way lower.  

like i placed about the same as i always do but will make less credits tomorrow and next tuesday when we get the weekly payout of credits

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