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Ok, so I'm not asking for your house number or street name, or even the name of the place you live. Just post some images tell us about what it's like to live there, maybe interesting things about the place etc.

This is where I live, the people here are nice but the town itself is pretty grotty in places. We get a lot of Brummies and Welsh here in the summer, though why the hell they'd wanna come here I have no idea. It usually rains in the summer (and the rest of the year), which is made worse by wind coming off the sea. But when you get a sunny day with a high temperature, sitting at one of the many sea front bars with hundreds of other people doing the same is actually really fun! Otherwise though, there really isn't a lot to do. We do have a cinema... That's about it.
Probably the most exciting thing that ever happened here though was the pier burning down a few years back, I was working about 15 miles south down the coast that day and you could see the smoke plume from it even there. I remember thinking "Finally, somebody has bombed the town!".

I live about 150 meters to the left of the church at center top. You can just about see the top of my house at the end of the tall row of buildings.

There's an island in the haze behind the pier that used to have big guns from WWII on it. I like to think it looks like a giant whale.

The previously mentioned cinema, it has the huge total of 4 screens! With horrible uncomfortable chairs.

Like I said, it rains often.

The high street, which looks just like every other high street in the UK. It's actual street name is even 'High Street'.

Everybody calls this thing The Carrot, even though it looks more like a skinny pineapple. It's a good place to meet friends though because everybody knows it, and there's a good pub just out of shot on the left, and a McDonalds on the right where the single mother is taking her baby for some chicken nuggets no doubt.

People come and build arty sandcastles once a year.

And aliens once landed on the beach.

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Dalgety Bay began as the village of Dalgety, which was built around the 12th century i thing? The land surrounding the town was part of the estate owned by the Earls of Moray who built Donibristle House as their residence (Now flats). Towards the end of the 18th century, the village was removed by order of the Earls of Moray. During WW1 The Earl Of Moray donated land to build an air base. The town also sent 30 men to war in the First World War, with only 8 returning unharmed. The Royal Naval Air Service improved and expanded the aerodrome during the Second World War as HMS Merlin an aircraft repair yard, and constructed an extensive aircraft maintenance facility there.

The air base is long gone and now has an industrial estate where it used to be. In the 60's Dalgety Bay was founded and was Scotland's 1st "Enterprize Town" and it has been ever expanding since. There are several "Enterprize Towns" Glenrothes and Cumbernauld being examples. Basically Dalgety Bay was a town built from scratch. Its mainly a commuter town for Edinburgh so its mainly housing estates

It was discovered a few years ago that one of our beaches contained radioactive material which was a result of the air base dumping dials from aircraft at the beach, Quite a few rumours going about regarding this.  Lots of gun emplacements dotted around the coast too from the wars. I belive the first German plane was shot down by one of them?

View of Dalgety Bay

Original Sales brochure for Dalgety Bay

Luftwaffe pics of the airfield

We also get a cracking view of the Forth Rail Bridge

Donibristle House in the background

Not part of Dalgety Bay, but These are a few shots of the new bridge thats being built between Fife and Edinburgh

All going well we get this....

I might add more pics tomorrow, there's not too many on google :/

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I live in Canberra, the capital of Australia. It's seen by most other Australians as a pretty boring place compared to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne. But in my opinion, I'd rather live here then any other city, just because it's a quieter place to live. I'm talking about not too much traffic, and it's not a big place either, so there is a real sense of community here.

The weather is not too bad often, but there can be big changes throughout the year. It seems really intolerable during the winter with highs of just 5 degrees some days, to the long summer days with temperatures reaching 40 degrees sometimes. It often rains a bit, but then you could go for weeks without anything whatsoever. 

This is the CBD of Canberra, not very big I know!

Just by looking at this picture, you can see why we are referred to as the 'bush city' of Australia. While the CBD (called Civic) looks quite small in this picture, there is actually a lot to do here, there is a large shopping mall, Dendy cinemas, a ton of restaurants here, not to mention a lovely pool used once for the Olympic Games!

This is where our politicians come to argue every day. It's actually built on top of a hill, not a very big one at that... We also like putting large towers on top of mountains too!

This is Lake Burley Griffin, a man made lake in the middle of Canberra. It's not actually safe to swim in, because a sewage pipe exploded under it several years ago and made a massive bloom of algae. Gross I know.

I live up in the Gungahlin district, the newest part of Canberra.
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Greetings from the World's Most Liveable City.

'Tis a fine city of four and a half million people.

We have a Grand Prix

A Grand Slam

And hipsters.

A lot of them actually.

This is the Yarra River. It's known locally as the upside down river because the dirt is at the top and the clear water's at the bottom. Don't jump in. You'll probably get rabies or something.

Jim Courier jumped into it when he won the Australian Open years ago. Just look at what happened to his hair.

Here's Flinders St Station. Apparently people like to meet "under the clocks", the clocks being the clocks right outside the station. I've never met anyone under the clocks. Used to be a big emo (or goth?) hangout back when that was a thing. (They all jumped into the Yarra when they found out it wasn't a thing anymore and probably turned into hipsters) That building being built in the background? It's finished. See the first picture.

Across the road from Flinders is Federation Square. No, it wasn't hit by a freak earthquake and is in fact, the ugliest building ever built. Admittedly, it's great for public functions and all that jazz, but that's about it.

Back in the 80's, a lot of Melbourne's CBD laneways were gentrified(?), adding cafes, restaurants and are now generally pleasant places to be in.

Also plenty of street art.

They say trams are integral in Melbourne culture. Here are a couple of the newest trams in the Melbourne fleet. The air conditioning's nice.

Every damn time.

Because I'm tired of scrolling up and down all the time, I'm making a second post.
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Continuing the transport theme, here's myki, the public transport ticketing system. Long story short, it cost 1.5 billion dollars and it doesn't work. But it can be great when you least expect it.


Here's the Melbourne end of the Hume Freeway. It's where we welcome our northern brothers and sisters travelling from the slums they like to call "Sydney" and "Brisbane". We give them a coffee and a blanket as well as a voucher to ride on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel since no Melburnian rides it. Why does no Melburnian ride it? Find out after the break.

Here's the Docklands. No one goes here (except on NYE).

Remember what I told you about the Melbourne Star? Here it is. It's in the Docklands, just a bit north of the pic above.

No Melburnian goes on it because it broke a month after it opened. Just look at what happened.

DISCLAIMER: When I say 'broke', all I meant was that they found heat stress fractures (or something like that) in the structure after a bunch of hot days. They closed it and took four years to repair it.

Melbourne and Olympic Park. The MCG is the big one in the middle-left. AAMI Park in the middle-right (it's finished, see below) and the tennis centre where they play the Australian Open the blue part through the middle. In the foreground is the Royal Botanic Gardens and the tent like thing is the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Luna Park, just outside the city in St Kilda. Don't ask me how it's like, I haven't been since I was 4, though apparently the Ghost Train and Scenic Railway are pretty good.

Here's the Arts Centre. The spire actually caught fire on New Years in 2012. I don't know if they were trying to set off fireworks from there but yeah. That's the story.

Australian football is the dominant sporting code in the winter here. It's great.

Probably overstated but Melbourne weather is about as fickle as it can get.

But I still love it.


Always and forever.
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I live in São Paulo, one of the capitals of the world, with over 11 million living in the city and more 7 million living in adjacent neighbour cities and coming to work here everyday. Winter is mild (sometimes  hot) and very dry and summer is hot (sometimes mild) and very rainy.

Pubic Transports (pun) are shieet, there's just too much people for not enough trains, tubes andd buses. Every morning and every afternoon here the traffic is jammed because there's just too much people. There's a lot of grey buildings and nearly no green areas. All rivers are heavily polluted. There's 4 big stadiums in the city (Morumbi of São Paulo FC (1st division), Allianz Parque of  Palmeiras (1st division), Arena Corinthians of the Skunks (1st division) and Canindé of Portuguesa(3rd division)) and some more stadiums of the smaller regional teams.  

I live about 3 kilometers on foot from where Dom Pedro I of Brazil shouted "Independence or Death!", declaring Brazil's independence from Portugal. He shouted at the margins of the Ipiranga river, you can see it here (monument to the independence is on the left):

A monument was inaugurated in 1922 but finished only on 1926 (wtf brazil, c'mon) to celebrate the independence. In 1972 the remains of Dom Pedro I and his wife Dona Amélia were moved to a crypt inside the monument. 
Here's a picture of the monument. 

I live in what you can call a slum (to the left where this picture was taken there's some blue buildings, i live in a green building going more up the street.

Even tough this is a slum and the houses looks afwul, some people enjoy a good life and can afford cars and smartphones. If they focused in buying something useful (like my dad who every sunday burned part of his salary in cookouts) they could afford to be living in somewhere better.

Crime is a bit of problem only after midnight, when some boys assault luxury car owners who live in São Cateano (highest HDI in the country) and use the avenue where I live as a way back home. 
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Adding onto @afrodude41 's post I also live in Canberra. At first, both Melbourne and Sydney wanted to become the capital but in 1908 it was decided that the city of Canberra would be built, as a compromise, and in turn be named the Capital of Australia. (Fun fact, Canberra in aborigine either means 'meeting place' or 'woman's breasts', it's still a very heated discussion). 382,000 people call the capital home, making it one of the smallest capital cities in Australia.

Canberra hosts some of the most important government departments in Australia, along with many internationally recognized institutions such as the Australian National University and the Australian Institute of Sport. We also have the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery, the National Museum and  the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House just to name a few. 

This is the War Memorial. The road approaching is called ANZAC Parade.On both sides of the road approaching the Memorial there's sculptures in remembrance of Australian Service in wars we've served in since federation.


This is our oval. Here we watch occasional AFL games in the winter, and occasional cricket games in the summer. It's not as fancy as the MCG or the SCG but it does it's job.

Here is our Stadium, it hosts our Canberra Raiders in the winter in the game of Football, and occasionally hosts who knows in football (soccer) in the summer. I don't go there, it's cold. Even in the Summer. 

Here is our old parliament house. You can visit any day bar public holidays and learn about Australian Democracy, I wen't there a few weeks ago, it's quite nice.

There are many other places of interests but my internet is extremely slow at the moment and it's becoming a pain waiting for my google image search to load.  I'm sure you've all heard of the roundabouts and adult sex shops from onetwothree.

Put simply, Canberra is pretty great. Although I may take the piss out of it, it's a pretty good place to live. There is little to no traffic, we have a social hub of fantastic restaurants and tourist attractions, oh, and we've been named "The best place in the world to live",
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@Hughesy Weren't you a smoker around that time? :p Nah, they found out in the end that somebody had left a chip fryer on overnight.

To be honest though, it's probably a good thing they did. This is how the pier was...

And this is how it is now. On the inside shot, the red barriers are the sides of a karting circuit, plus there's an F1 simulator with a proper moving rig, and an F1 themed cafe which shows all races live :D 

@onetwothree We have a wheel too! For like 2 years we had this swanky one that even had a VIP pod (the black one). Then the council decided it cost too much, replaced it with the smaller pile of crap at the bottom and hoped no one would notice. Not many people actually did notice.

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I live in a place called Wycombe (pronounced 'Wi-kum' for any foreigners), and tbh it's very average.

It's got everything a town has but not much more. However, I like living around here as it has everything I need and it's not too far from London or other good towns. Here's a picture of the relatively new shopping centre below.

It also has a high street near to that shopping centre and combined there's pretty much every shop you may need, apart from an Apple store and Lego shop :( Here's the high street in some snow.

We have a train station, swimming pool, theatre and to be honest a flippin awesome cinema and bowling place with great restaurants! James Corden is also from here too and he went to the school just around the corner in my village! Also, Wycombe Wanderers are top of League 2 so wahey!
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I live in Chester-Le-Street, a town in the far north east of England (the place that anyone living below Carlisle thinks is wasteland). It is halfway between Sunderland and Newcastle and just outside of Durham. It is built on top of an old Roman fort called Concangis.

C-L-S housed St. Cuthbert for over a century at the below church, before he was moved to Durham Cathedral.

In total, there are 6 churches here.

Chester-Le-Street was the heart of mining in the region, but now all the pits are closed so the front street is full of charity shops and cafes.

There's a bit to do in the region. We have two swimming pools, a leisure centre and the remains of an old cinema that burnt down many moons before I was born. The market happens on Tuesday and Saturday, but isn't very big. There is a park built around the River Wear, opposite the Emirates Riverside Cricket Stadium, which held one round of the ashes last year. There is a gym on the same site.

The castle is Lumley Castle, a hotel. The other building is a golf course, of which I know nothing about as I can't play. Apparently the Aussie cricket team met the ghost in the castle in 2005. The Lily of Lumley was apparently thrown down a well from the top floor and floats back up and haunts people there.

It's typical English weather, but flooded badly in 2012.


And there is a really creepy old barn.


That just about sums it up!

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@PeteTheDuck I've been to Wycombe. My sister went on a gap year to one of the schools there and the rest of us visited for a day in 2009. One story that sticks in my mind is how a couple of people were murdered in the local cemetery (at least I think it was a cemetery)
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I give you people Birmingham! 

Home to some interesting looking buildings, lots of concrete and plenty of street violence! 

The council house!

More canals than Venice, apparently! And more shopping trolleys in them guaranteed!

One of the more interesting buildings knocking around, it's Selfridges!

The new Library! 

And 5 minutes from my house is......

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@PeteTheDuck I've been to Wycombe. My sister went on a gap year to one of the schools there and the rest of us visited for a day in 2009. One story that sticks in my mind is how a couple of people were murdered in the local cemetery (at least I think it was a cemetery)
No way! Yeah that sounds like it could have happened. There are some absolute scumbags who live around here unfortunately. 
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I live in a small town ( it's more of a village tbh ) in Laois , Ireland. It's a pretty rubbish if I'm honest. There's a few shops about 5 pubs over the space of 200 meters  , a chip shop and there's a park but it's constantly vandalised. The only place of interest is the GAA pitch but I have no interest in either hurling or Gaelic football , so there's pretty much nothing to do for me here. I would post pictures , but there's 5 pictures of the town on Wikipedia and they all show the exact same place ,and it's really only a few shops and houses.  :p
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