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Hi all, I'am having a nightmare with doing weekly and monthly challenges, main issue is after doing the first stage, every stage after that the car floats off of the ground and is pretty much undrivable.

There are loud banging and crashing sounds for no reason, the rear floats up in the air hoovering or jams into the ground, invisible barriers which won't allow the car to go any further and basically won't move once this happens, no steering etc.

Happens with all cars not matter which country, was doing it for a week intermittently when the game was released then stopped for a week but now its just constantly all the time.

I have it on PC,  not sure if specs make a difference but here they are,  i7 6700k, asus maximus viii hero, asus strix 1080ti oc, ripjaw 32gb ram, samsung 970 pro ssd m.2, 6tb seagate barracuda pro.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it three times but it hasn't made a difference.

Any help with fixing this would be greatly appreciated as its a fantastic game, it's just this issue is making it very very frustrating. 



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