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FOV Settings & Dashcam - On Consoles

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Been spoke about on a few topics but i feel as if it needs it's own thread. 

If having a FOV slider is out of the question is it possible to just have a DR FOV implemented? Righ t now it seems the FOV is a bit to wide for users of cockpit cam.

Also please bring back the Dashcam from DR which was perfect for us console players with a wheel and single screen. I dont understand why it was took out and replaced with another cockpit cam? One of the cockpit cams you can move back and forth but you cannot move any further forward than the new cockpit cam so impossible to recreate a dashcam. 

A few screens to show the FOV difference and the dashcam & new cockpit cam in the same Fiesta


DiRT Rally 2_0_20190405001611.png


DiRT Rally 2_0_20190405001800.png


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Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing this up. And for the screen grabs, which illustrate what I've been trying to say (and others have been saying before me)

The screens demonstrate perfectly that DR2.0 has a wider FOV than DR1. Look at the width of the road in the screens, and their difference between DR1 and 2. And look at the size of the car on the LHS of the road in the final screen, compare that with the car on the LHS in the screen above that. See how it's significantly bigger? This is the thing with a wide FoV. The 'sense of speed' is offset by the loss of immersion. I personally much prefer it when objects are looming ahead of you realistically, and find that much more scary! It puts you in the game, you feel much more like you are 'in the car'.

And the wider FOV makes the road look so much narrower than it actually is. Which makes the game harder.

God I do hope this actually makes it into the game. I'm with Flaw3d, I would be happy with just an option for the original DR1 FoV (but a slider would be the ultimate). Still no word on whether this will actually ever happen. Christina has said 'not yet unfortunately', and Mike Robson (bless him) has at least noted it and passed it on.

So near, yet so far

(see what i did there?)

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Posted (edited)

Camera position is obviously different but the actual FoV seems to be the same. 

I agree about the dashcam though, I like the old one much better. 


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