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Why no FOV options

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Don't say because the consoles can't deal with it as even on F1 2017 there's loads of options. And the FFB options are comprehensive. So it can be done properly.




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It seems the assumption was that console players wouldn't want or need FoV options.

But plenty of us are simulation oriented, and have wheel setups. I am myself a gamepad user, but I personally love a simulator with a 'natural' FoV, where there is no distortion of objects in the view, and you get that 'you are there' feeling. In other words, at that sweet spot where the view doesn't look like 'binocular vision', but also doesn't look pulled-back too far (hello DR2.0).

Forum members have put to Codies that we just want to be able to reduce FOV from the default, so there should be no frame-rate issue in theory. And they have taken note apparently. But whether we'll ever get it - I guess it can't hurt to e-mail them and ask for it, and keep threads like this one alive. But I know plenty of players would relish the feature, as it makes such a huge difference to the graphics, and also helps with playing the game more intuitively.

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