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New To The Forums But Long time F1 gamer

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Been playing F1 since 2014 amazing game amazing how much they improve each year getting more and more realistic i just cant thank Codies enough for bringing F1 to life on Consoles its my Favorite Racing game i dont spend to much time on forums but i figured why not join to keep up to date and Apply for the Beta for the first time ever. I am vary excited to see what Codies has done this year with working on the this installment for 2 years Exciting to see F2 car in the Small teaser Hoping to be able to race a season in F2 for Career mode before signing with a F1 Team but guess will have to wait and see what happens how that works. Anyways hi everyone and Thank you Codies for your hard work each and every year cant wait to see what you have played for Next years game with a new track edtion and this years isnt even out yet.

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