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Handbrake not assignable with TH8A

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First thank you for this new opus of Dirt Rally !

I have an issue with the second ThrustMaster TH8A.

This my setup:

1 PS4

1 T300RS

2 TH8A (one for shift linked directly on the steering wheel T300RS and one for handbrake linked by USB on PS4 USB port)

I tried to assign the second one for handbrake but I can't assign anything else than L1 or R1 as the first TH8A.

Let me know how I can do please?

It works ver well with the previous Dirt Rally !!!

Best Regards,


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I have a TSS+ shifter/handbrake, a TH8a Shifter and a T300rs. I have it setup the following. Connect the TH8a shifter you want to use for changing gear direct to PS4 usb, select the controller options for the thrustmaster shifter and assign gear up and down (this should show as gear up/down not r1 or l1 when assigned here), or if using h gate to the relevant gears, the second shifter for the handbrake (in my case the TSS+) connect direct to wheel. This controller is then part of the wheel, go to the thrustmaster t300 wheel options and assign the Handbrake this should then appear as R1.

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