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Codemasters Tech Support

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I've already posted in the tech support sub-forum, this is just a rant. I've been trying to play F1 2018 on PC for a solid month now without the game crashing my entire computer every time I need to use an instant replay. This has been my first experience trying to resolve issues with any game via the forum. Usually I can figure out what's going wrong and more often than not it's something stupid I overlooked myself, but I've basically exhausted all of my knowledge and figured it was time for the developer to step in as something is definitely wrong with the game. I logged my issue in a thread and forwarded all relevant game files to Codemasters, and they had me run through all of the steps I previously hit myself, plus one or two extras. Nothing made a difference and the game still crashes like clockwork. At this point, they've stopped responding to me and aren't communicating at all. I work in software development and understand triaging defects and the SDLC, so I get that these things can't be fixed overnight, nor am I expecting that. My primary complaint is that if I've put the effort in to reaching out to you because your product isn't working properly, you could probably put that same effort into communicating your response and making sure I know you value my experience as a customer. It's gotten so bad that I'm ready to just uninstall the game and start looking for alternatives from competitors, although I doubt there are any because the Codemaster's F1 games are really f'ing good, constant crashing aside.


My question to everyone else here: have you had to deal with Codemasters Tech Support before? What was your experience? What was the timeline? Was your issue ever resolved?

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