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Corrupt data save after 200+ hours of gameplay


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yesterday i just played a little and normal races normal connection normal fights in the race normal exit normal as usual and today starting the game "corrupt save data" for the first time not even in grid 2 i had that

lvl 170 and more than 1000 races
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200+ hours of grid 2 and autosport never had that before so i was not expecting the need of backing up save files

how the hell the file became corrupt? no patch no dlc bought no nothing just raced the day before and was a normal day

i need something CODEMASTERS because:
1 - i will not start from 0 i had at least 13 cars lvl 50+ and a few more on the way
2 - i will not buy anything more from you if you dont patch this up because this could happen again in the future with other games and the time i spent is gone
3 - car upgrades are not working since long time ago and no response from you (codemasters)

races - 1139
podiums - 929  (about 75%)
wins - 578  (about 50%)
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Hi all , Codies....

I m a student in the third year of application development...and I just got the save game data corrupt message, 
seems like the only thing you can do is send your save files somewhere and hope for the best with no guarantees...
I did not have steam sync enabled since my friend had the same happen to him last week (oh how I wish I had backed up my save right then and there) ,and read on the forum that you recommend turning it off. Nor did anything abnormal happen to cause the corruption. 

With all the data being saved and displayed on the racenet website,you are telling us you cannot recover our saved data? That s sounds like a joke to me! 
If the data is still saved/displayed somewhere it is recoverable ?!
Apart from that : dataloss..realy? This is one of the worst issues. If this was happening with the account data from a multi-milion dollar company that can easily sue you guys , you could have been out of business already.
I could go on ranting but I will leave it at this.

So constructive solutions to the problem? 
How about creating some functions to build or partially restore a  savegame from the racenet website driver data.
How about a function to backup the save game files to a (local and/or remote) folder with 7 timestamped rar files (each containing the save game files for that instance) where the earliest gets overwritten after each gameplay ,so you can go back 7 gameplays if the save corrupts. (Assuming this is possible)
This last solution seems to me like fairly easy to implement and i probably could write a program that does it for me,so you should definatly be able to.

PS : what is the correct adress for sending your corrup save, cause I read different things (is it the custserv@codemasters one?)


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The return email:

Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Grid Autosport.
If the game's saved file has genuinely become corrupt then there is little you can do, other than start a new save file I'm afraid.
You can backup your saved files from time to time, to restore these if you do encounter any data problems.
The default location for the save game is here:

C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\[xxxxxxxxx]\255220\remote


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[xxxxxxxxx]\255220\remote

Please note that any changes you make to these files will likely result in the game reporting a save file corruption.

Hope this helps.

Well guess what, it doesn t!
How can they tell the paying customer to manually back up the save games,it should not be our jobs to work around these issues! 
They/You are getting paid for solving problems like these, to which there are simple solutions,  
And it s not that these are single cases, there are loads of posts around about this issue.
I m done with grid , I m not gonna spend those countless hours again just to lose it all again if  I happen to forget to back up my files.
All this because you  can t provide a simple solution to a pretty simple problem,
I ll be sure to remember this the next time I see a codemasters title.


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Honestly, almost all codies games have this problem since DiRT2 from what I know (I personally experienced this with DiRT2 and F1 2011). But DiRT2 save data corruption problem had a workaround, which I couldn't see any from later releases.
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Thanks God I have never experienced such trouble, but it really useful to make back up of saves in GRID. 
Same here given how long Autosport's career mode is I'd be pretty annoyed as well if irt had happened to me fortunately it hasn't. Fotrunately being a single player only guy I've not had to put up with the online stuff though which has made things a lot easier from my perspective.
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