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China GP Event update

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Hey all, hope we're having a good week and are excited for this weekend's action! 

Here's a quick update on the status of the China GP Event, which we've made a couple of tweaks to, in order to improve the experience for players 🙂 

Firstly, you may've noticed already that the Shanghai circuit needs to be re-downloaded in the game. This is because we've made some adjustments to the circuit to further prevent corner cutting and track limits exploitation, so top times this weekend should be more realistic and attainable. Preventing corner cutting instances like these is a constant cat-and-mouse situation for many racing games, but we're always doing all we can to cut down on opportunities for unfair players to exploit this system.

Secondly, we're extending the windows for starting and completing the GP Event, to give everyone a little more time to rank on the global leaderboards. The Qualifying Series will open at 1pm (UK) on Friday afternoon, whilst the Race Series will be open until 3am (UK) Monday morning.

I've also attached the confirmed League 1 rewards for this weekend. Best of luck! 🏎️


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if this is chris's actual account, then no wonder the game bugs havent been fixed yet


he probably doesnt even know they exist

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