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Why are all the boys programmed to smash into us? I can never win against a bot if they're ahead of me on grid or sprint. They always turn right into me and smash my car.... also, when a race is disconnected due to connection issues, why are points deducted? We should not be penalized for that.. I spend too much money on this game to deal with such ignorant situations...

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Hi there 🙂

Bots are not 'programmed' to collide with players, but the general behaviour of AI in races is something we've discussed many times with players to make improvements. We can see that there is still room for improvement, and intend on bringing more tweaks in the next update to make the AI less prone to causing collisions. 

In terms of lost Cup Points during a disconnection, this is something the team were able to almost totally eradicate before Update 4, but it has reared its ugly head again since then! The system is in place to prevent players from purposely exiting a race to avoid defeat, but it seems as though it is affecting other players as well. Changes are being tested right now to improve the situation come Update 5.

Thank you 🙂 

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