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Racenet not working


the first 2 weeks i owned the game i was reading all the people having the issues of connecting to racenet. at this time i was not having any issues with racenet accept the occasional fail to connect but then the problem normally fixed itself on the next attempt and off we go. Well sadly for the last week and a half i have had to try to get racenet to connect for roughly 30 min each time it needs to connect before it will finally let me in. then i get to do it again because rather than a single sign in they decided that it would be best to just sign in every time the data is needed to get pulled or pushed to the server. It Happens before and after each race, after repairs, at the log in screen just to see the events, Staff, Garage, EVERYPLACE. so literally it took me 3 hours to do 4 daily races yesterday. i'm frustrated and have searched high and low for a solution. i have reinstalled the game from steam using the simple uninstall and reinstall. I'm not sure if there would be more that i would need to do to be more effective? but i'm about to throw in the towel and say screw it and move along to another title if i cant get this fixed. 

So does ANYONE know of a way to fix or improve this on the client side. i understand it could be server side but i tend to think its client side because i see people say they have 0 issues at the same time other people are about to pull out their hair. 



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I'm having the same issue.  I haven't once been able to log into racenet doing any challenges.  All it will allow me to do is log in for single player, but any time I try the weekly or monthly challenges the same thing happens


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