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here are some more realistic and enjoyable ideas for f1 2019

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Hello everyone! this is my first topic, My steam nickname: Lernithas, and i have 630 hours of playing f1 2018. I have played 2017 on my ps4 for 200h, so i might be new this game but i got experience thanks to f1 2018 🙂 

it's all about some new ideas and these ideas mostly cover management system, i haven't search the forum for these ideas so if someone already mentioned about these ideas sorry for that 🙂

these ideas will cover only career mode, i know lots of people mentioned about multiplayer career mode, there is not much to talk about it, this is the first thing that would make career mode more enjoyable. 🙂 

2. Driver's own style!

        Every driver has their own style, some drivers are better on wet tracks, some aren't. everybody knows football manager series right? let's say there is a skill chart for drivers, rainmaster, overtaking, defending, these are the skills that come in my mind. if there are like minimum 10 skills, it would be more realistic. for example overtaking only depends on the tyres and the car right now.

        let's say we have a situation like this;

        FerrariDriver B has 15 lap soft tyres, FerrariDriver A has 15 lap soft tyres. in drs zone the chance of driver B overtaking driver A is %50 right?

        and we have a situation like this;

        FerrariDriver B with 92/100 overtaking skill has 15 lap soft tyres, FerrariDriver A with 70/100 defending skill has 15 lap soft tyres. (i don't know how 70 defending skill drives for ferrari) so even the circumstances are equal, driver B has more chance than %50 to overtake. like i said, if there are more skills like that, every driver would have their own style.

3. Resource Points!

        If these points stay in the game, they shouldn't be used on car development. as a driver, development is not our job. these points can be used on our character skills, or we can upgrade our character skills by racing and practice sessions.

        Here is an idea of developing skills;

        Let's say we have 30 laps medium tyres, and the car ahaed has 2 laps soft tyres. in drs zone it is not imposible to overtake that car, but it is hard. if we overtake, our overtake skill can rise up, after the race. but we should consider this too, if we have 95/100 overtake skill, and the driver ahaed has 50/100 defending skill, our overtake does nothing to our overtake skill, cuz we are already much more better driver than the driver ahaed. you get the point 🙂

        Like i said car developing is not our job, we can have meetings with the management to evaluate the car performance for developing. and the management should develop the car with money, not resource points. and when we get high positions on races we get more money to spend. 

        This might seem like, top teams can not be beatable considering they are getting more money all the time (which is happening in real life lol 🙂 ) but we can avoid this doing like;

        Let's say our team has $50M, we have Level 1 energy recovery system, and our management wants to upgrade our energy recovery system.

        Level 2 Energy Recovery system = $5M / %75 failure chance, $10M / %50 failure chance, $20M / %25 failure chance.

        Level 3 Energy Recovery system = $5M / %90 failure chance, $10M / %75 failure chance, $20M / %60 failure chance. $40M / %45 failure chance.

With these information, we can spend our $50M to "Level 3 ERS" with %45 failure chance, or we don't wanna risk it, we can spend $20M for "Level 2 ERS" with %25 failure chance.

        I think this system can prevent the top teams getting more power, the numbers are just for an example, it can be calculated for the best solution.

4. Seasons, Retiring, Regen Drivers 🙂

       As far as i know there are only 10 seasons on career mode and nobody was retiring or switching teams whole 10 seasons, it seems a little bit unrealistic to me. it could be similer to football manager mentality too. 

       Let's say we are on season 6, Kimi would be what? 45 years old? Not realistic 🙂 drivers' skill can go down dramatically after the age of 35, or 38-39 for some legends 🙂

Considering these ideas i think these are reasonable.

I have one last but not least idea 🙂 (might hard to make it happen)

5. Formula 2, Formula 3!

        Again manager mentality... We create our driver at the age of 16, we have talent without experience. So we start from formula 3 (it can go all the way to karting hehe 🙂 ), the goal is being a hall of famer. For example Michael Schumacher has 7 titles which is most, we can try to take that position. or lewis hamilton is on the top with 84 pole positions right now, this can be another goal. This could be a good story 🙂


To conclusion... There can be switching teams, team's contrat offers etc. These are simpler things that i mentioned i think.

So.. I hope developers see this and consider what i think, what other players think, and i hope other players also like my ideas. If there is something not right with my ideas i'm willing to listen how to change it.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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The platform is so high for this game, like you said if they was to adapt the motorsport manager side of driver development ect it would transform career mode altogether, however it seems to me from the initial release article they have focused massively on multiplayer for the League racing side of things this year 

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