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Parts from research

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some parts are unlocked in certain leagues, and parts from research are random, but that leaves the question what parts are in the random-pool. So, what parts can I get from research?

There are a number of possible different leagues involved:

  • league you were in when you got the box
  • league you were in when you started the research
  • league you were in when the research finished
  • league you are in when you open the research
  • highest league you ever reached

For example, let's say I am on a huge losing streak, I get a box in league 2, start research in league 3, it finishes in league 4 and I open it in league 5, but I once was in league 1. What parts can I possibly get from this box? The parts from league 1 (I once got there so I "unlocked" them), the parts from league 2 (that's when I got the box), etc.

Or is the pool all the parts that I at some point unlocked and actually got? If you get to say league 1 you unlock a part but if that part is not received from a box it will get re-locked when you get demoted, so maybe in that case I can get all parts from league 1 except for this one?

To me this is unclear but it affects my decisions. After all, if it is the league the research finished in or is opened, and after hard work I get promoted, I might stop playing until the research is finished to increase the odds of a special part from a better league.

I guess the only one that can really answer this is @ChrisGrovesMCM ?

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