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CTD Before or After Race. DR2

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Been having a problem that hopefully someone knows a solution to. When starting a race I will rarely get a CTD but it does happen once in a while. My real issue is with CTD AFTER a race. This is happening very frequently. I'm sure its happened well over a 100 time in about 45 hours of game play. I love rally games, and I'm loving this one. But its becoming frustrating, if I enter a daily, weekly, monthly, championship, or even time trial I will often crash upon completion of the Race. I honestly would live with this without complaint as load up time isn't long. Except for the fact my times will not register, when I sign back in after a CTD at the end of a stage I am given a DNF. Daily stages are not worth my time and that goes for career as well since 60% of the time I CTD and recieve a DNF. This is the error message that pops up which I always submit. 

"Access violation at address 0xe9315f7b in module 'dinput8.dll' + 0x5f7b.

Couldn't find anything using my googlefu. Please send help...I just want to race...


  • i7 6700k
  • MSI RTX 2080
  • SSD
  • 32GB DDR4


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Did you modify your Windows page file setting? If yes, set it back to the default setting, to be automatically managed by Windows and restart your PC. In my case, this helped. If you still have crashes, you can go into the Device manager, View menu -> Show hidden devices and delete obsolete devices (ones with the icon greyed out) in the HID section without checking the 'uninstall device driver' checkbox. After this try unplugging all your unused USB devices from your PC.

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