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I get this issue often too, which always happens on the start of the stage.


The car is beached, either you can go really slowly and uncontrollably or then you cant move at all and are disqualified. I get the same error pretty much every day. Today I drove Argentina monthly. Stage 1 ok. Stage 2 stuff like the opening post, stage 3 ok, stage 4 I get disqualified because I cant get the car moving.


I also got my weekly ruined for this same reason. Please fix this. NOW !

Weeklys and monthlys are unplayable at the moment.

Or then install restart option untill you can fix this??

I have no idea how you guys could release this game in the state it is now. How can you ask people to invest hours to drive monthly when this stuff happens.


This is the most dissapointed I have been to a codemasters product ever. And I been playing these games since Colin McRae Rally 1.

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