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DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!


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When I feel I've done a good run in the dailies I like to record the replays (Track-side, Chase and Helicopter)

Today was the first time doing so since 1.3

I depend on getting the helicopter view with co-driver calls but today I couldn't get the co-driver calls to work! Gutted!!!

The video below hopefully shows the issue. Sorry I forgot to shorten the intro image so you need to wait 5 seconds to see the clips.

I'm starting to enjoy the game less now due to the sound and graphic issues remaining which I mentioned in the 1.2 thread. And also the weak headlights in dark stages.

Anyway, here's the video:


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On 4/18/2019 at 11:57 AM, DrPepper said:

Maybe they've improved a little in 1.3 patch. But there's still a lot of night, rain, wet ground in events.

And I noticed that the game "chooses" rain and/or night when the track is bigger (to make my misery worse lol)

I believe that rain, wet ground and night should be sporadic and rare in events, however they occupy more than 50% of the total.

@Riggs @CMMcBabe

"I'll play only three little stages." nigth / nigth /nigth ><


"I'll play only SIX little stages." nigth / nigth / nigth / nigth / nigth / nigth.. rain rain rain.. aaaaaaagh! >.<


Guys, it's just me?


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-personally i wait update for pace-note. ( especially for spain , USA, New zeland )

-i give 1 example ( gauche 5 ciel but is gauche 3  and chain turn with 5 and 6 turn is real is 2 and 1 turn ) ( please listen you note and rework the note )  

-in manual gear with clutch the motor stop but i push the clutch is very strange ( its rare ) the clutch is not the same as on dirt 4 and dirt rally (I say in French "le pooint de patinage" of the car is too short "the motor stops too easily, maybe because the clutch is too precise

-and please add option  the clutch for sequential gear 

-impossible to choose a spotter and co driver with different country ( example i want uk spotter but he change co-driver too is annoying ).

- mitsubishi lancer X is manual gear not sequential ( because  i see clutch and gear   in cokpit )


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22 minutes ago, gleylancer571 said:

in Time Attack at Monte Carlo you can not choose the time of day

Aren't the time trials the exact same time of day and weather conditions for everyone to provide a truly even competitive setting? And most do have 2 settings to choose from (dry or wet), but Monte Carlo is the same road conditions across the board. The only ones to use a non-daytime time of day are Argentina & Poland for the wet (dusk & sunset, none of them are at night).

You gotta do a custom championship if you want to alter the time of day and everything else to your preference.

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35 minutes ago, gleylancer571 said:

yes thank you I know but in Time Attack Monte Carlo is the only track where you can not choose the time of day

Time trial mode is restricted by design for competitive purposes. All of them you cannot choose the time of day yourself, it's really only choose Dry or Wet depending on the type of leaderboard competition you're after, and the majority of them are Daytime except the two wet locations mentioned previously.

That's 2 variations out of 12 in the default rally location time trials that have a non-Daytime at all, see for yourself. If Monte Carlo had a "wet" or perhaps full "snow" covered tarmac variation, then maybe you might see a different time of day the developers had chosen for that specific time trial, but probably not considering 10 of the 12 defaults are Daytime Clear or Daytime Cloudy/Overcast as mentioned. And fwiw, only Argentina wet has any active weather at all with Heavy Rain, the rest of the wet options are just overcast/cloudy, but again in custom mode you can put any type of weather on any of them. Same goes for the time of day.

The fewer leaderboards the better for this stuff, not that time of day has a huge effect on ability to drive outside of night, but the more variations they have the more leaderboards there would be for every car type. This keeps it simple and competition contained to just two separate leaderboards for every stage (dry or wet), with just the one for Monte Carlo as you know.

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Hi, since this patch, I can't play in my carrier, I go on this, I have some rewards to collect and at the end, I have an error message, CE 34878-0.So can you find me an issue. I have uninstalled the game, installed, reinitial the Ps4, no way. Thanks to help me. 

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On 4/18/2019 at 9:15 PM, Opassac said:

@Riggs, i think you can update #14. Probably still not perfect for everyone, but at least in my PS4 Pro, the bluriness is gone, much better and enjoyable... Thanks for the time spent, building this list mate...

Yeah I had it updated already, I took the "Pro" version off the platforms in bold.

By the way @jennyannem or @ChristinaMc, with the Sweden 4.5GB patch released on Thursday a couple more bugs have appeared, which weren't present before.

- If you try to load a saved championship in Freeplay/Custom, it won't load.

- I tried to resume a custom championship that was left in the middle (it was Monaro, Australia) and once it loaded it showed Monaco stages instead and the progress was lost.

None of these happened before Sweden pre-load patch. Added these ones to the list on page 3.


By the way, after the tournament, I can say that night stages with rain are still impossible to play because you can't see anything (this time we played a night/heavy rain stage in the USA). It shouldn't be like that, it should be like DR1 Wales Night/Rain visibility.

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8 minutes ago, gk9147 said:

i no received my money for day event today 

Sometimes it takes a while for the rewards /credits to be paid. It’s weird, but you should eventually get it, if you haven’t already, try restarting the game.

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2 hours ago, scottishjim said:

I've had this a few times now! (CE-34878-0)

On this occasion I had selected to take a test drive of the Datsun 240Z from the purchase cars menu.



It's just happened again!!!!!

This time I clicked to enter the R2 Special Event Daily Challenge

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I don't know how you guys are getting the Starting-Order bug (if it is after the first service area, if it only relates to R5 going always first on the stages or how), or if we could call this a bug or a design error. The fact is, how is it possible that the Starting-Order gets altered after the FIRST STAGE!? I mean, which rally have you seen in which this happens? Even before the first service area? I mean, even the PS2-era Colin McRae Rally games got this right guys...


Apart from this, I don't know how to feel about having 10 pages of bugs after just a week from the last patch (and the fact that after the... v1.31? patch to add Swedden to the files, there are new bugs). I know I'm not being very constructive here, even despite I really like the game (with its flaws), but I had to say it.

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I got one which I've been noticing since launch. happens only when it's wet, and is much more noticeable when it's not raining (and not night). it's especially noticeable in Spain because the tarmac makes it obvious, but I've seen it in Australia, NZ, and Argentina. I have noticed this on every graphical setting I've chosen to get the game running smoothly and also looking good. I haven't tested extensively to see, however, because I would rather play to be honest.

objects on the side of the road mess with the graphics of what is behind them. they can be anything - signs, bushes, trees or even spectators with selfie sticks (yeah, seriously).

20190420234510_1.jpg.54b7950ab8e23181538ec6460ed74717.jpg 20190420234613_1.jpg.ea21afdbf46026b00a71bad0a93859c8.jpg

now you see why I picked the Evo VI. it happens with the antenna too, when it's feeling wavy. plus there's a nice tree one as a bonus


last one isn't something I noticed until a couple of days ago. it's just at the end of a shakedown in the current Group A monthly event for Australia (don't remember which course it was and I finished the event so I can't check, but it's the first stage there). weather settings were sunset and wet obviously.

top right of the shot. there's a blob in the sky.


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