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My presentation

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Hello there,
my name is Riccardo Cinti, I'm 23 actually and I live in Bologna, Italy!

I love F1, motorsport and I love motorsport games too.
I play since F1 2001 for PS2 and in 2007 I switched to PC.
My favourite drivers are #FA14 #CL16 #DR3 and Lastname! 😛 

I race in two Italian F1 leagues: Grid Rivals Racing and Apex Italian Racing.
In 2011/2012 I supported the beta programme of the web game F1 Online: The Game.
Always in 2011 I started also with rFactor, I raced in many Italian leagues and I been part of a modding team.
I'm also a big Star Wars fan! 🙂

I have an Instagram account where I upload a lot of in-game screenshots. Click here if you want to follow me!
Otherwise, just add me on Steam if you want to race with me!

Greetings from Italy,






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@ricciardocinti, welcome to the Codemasters Community. 🙂

I checked out your Instagram account and the screenshot images look c😎😎l. I didn't follow you, as I try to keep avoid social media like the plague!; In other words, I don't have an Instagram account. 😂


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