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Dirt rally2.0 community thoughts


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Well we really need truthful indeath views on this controversial title..

I myself feel this has been sub standard rushed release of the so called dirt rally 2.0 but honestly it's not a patch on the original in quality and imagination from a game 4yrs old.. 

I've never had a game so unfinished full of glitches n bugs to a point it was unplayable on release and with these patches being thrown at us its just not cutting it.  

I think codemasters are playing a dangerous game thinking the gaming community are all idiots,  as anymore of this lame ass being released could spell the end for them as i will turn my back on codemasters and so should the community who's hard earnt money has been spent on a really poor directed and unfinished game and now were made to buy the same stages frim the first game as to make this title worthy of being called dirt rally...

Why o why do we fall for this dlc pre order garbage don't give em your money until it's on the shelves and been thoroughly tested and reviewed its killing gaming.

Pls what do others think.?

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