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Hi from Sweden

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Björn from Sweden here just to say hello!

Well, I've been playing rally/racing-games since mid 90 on computer, PS2 and Xbox (I'm 37). A lot of hours in Colin McRae Rally, mostly the first two. Also playing a lot och TOCA and RBR. I have owned 5-6 wheels during the time but now I'm on Xbox One and playing with controller since there are no space and time for a sim-setup, work and children takes too much time :)

Loved Dirt Rally and are now playing Dirt Rally 2.0 as a lot of you, and I love it, has not much to complain about exept blurry graphics and some (in my opion) missing gameplays, will tell about them in another thread.

Beside racing on console I love watch rally/racing in reality and have been on a lot of events and I own a streetlegal Opel Ascona B with rollcage and other fun stuff that I have been racing a lot with.

So hello from me.

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