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New Customer - April 2019 - Sound Issues

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I just purchased DiRT Rally 2.0 last night and have since had the pleasure of several times of the sound (car & co-pilot) stop working which is rather frustrating to say the least. I think you can agree that a car game without sound is pointless. As a new customer, i'm rather peeved this bug was missed on release and feel like it's all about grabbing our cash first and foremost. I paid for a product that simply does not work as advertised. While i understand that bugs will exist within games, to let one of this magnitude slip on release and still not fixed ??? Inexcusable and looks terrible for the team at codemasters (transparency would be good) in my opinion. I have the joy of being out of pocket and looking at something i can't use without frustrating me on no end.

Now then, would you be so polite in answering the question for us all when is this sound issue realistically going to be fixed ???


ps: the problem wouldn't be connected to your terrible idea of having us permanently connected to racenet by any chance??? Yes, i don't like that aspect either.

Other than these, this game is really good (not good enough if this sound bug isn't fixed asap)

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i have the same problem, it`s so frustrating!!

the idea to stay connected to racenet is a sucks!!!

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